03 November 2006

xyz pdq

Growing up, I really like taking standarized tests. Give me a number 2 pencil and let me start bubbling in! It was a game. I wanted to beat the tests, to outsmart them.

SAT's? No problem. I took them my sophomore year and scored high enough to be a National Merit Scholar Finalist. I had a good book with me that I'd just started and quickly went through each section so that I could get back to my book. Maybe I should've taken them again...

I don't mind doing my taxes. I simply follow the directions and fill in the boxes.

I know. People tell me all the time that I am sick.

I thought, being afflicted with this sickness, that filling out the adoption paperwork would be a breeze--even enjoyable. The list looke so much shorter than I'd imagined when people talked about all the paperwork involved. I thought that ticking off the list of needed documents would bring great--and quick--joy.


Part of the problem is that the directions don't apply to me. I'm a good direction-follower. But, living here, I cannot simply get everything notarized and apostilled. Granted, that's a pain (and can be expensive) but it's not even an option here. So, I'm left negotiating solutions and trying to find the right directions to follow. Those directions change OFTEN.

I think the trick is to keep asking until you get the answer you want and then do that. This theory works well in other bureaucratic situations. I'm hoping it works here, too.

Have I shared this before? (Sorry if it's a repeat. My oral anecdotes, e-mails and blogs are all blurring...)

A typical conversation regarding my paperwork:

You must have x.
I don't have x.
You must. You must give us x.
I can't. I don't have x. It is not possible to give you x.
You must. You must provide x. It is the only way.
But, there is no x. I cannot give you x.
Then we cannot proceed. You must have x.
But I don't have x.
You must. You must give us x. Or y.

This conversation can take days, weeks, months to get to y --which is usually much easier to do/get than x was.

Recently, after I'd gotten everything for y, I was told I didn't need x or y. I needed z. Deep breaths. So now I'm hunting for zed--which is strangely snipe-like.

I'm still hoping to be all xyz'd pretty darn quick.


6blessings said...

Hope all of the xyzs line up quickly. Paperwork is a pain.

Deb said...

Ahhhh! I wish they just said exaclty what they needed and weren't allowed to change it for at least 10 years.
Good luck!

Maggie said...

Oh goodness. Keep searching for those Y's and Z's.

Calico Sky said...

Oh Kate, it sounds exactly like what I am finding!

Lauri said...

argghhh im feeling for you...

Holly said...

Ok yes, you are sick! I barely passed my SAT's, lol. Granted there was a drunk singing outside our window in Oakland, CA during the whole test and the guy behind me tapped my chair for the whole test...I couldn't focus, that's my exuse and I'm sticking to it ;-)

Paperwork stinks. After getting most of it ready for Russia and then switching to Guatemala...I certainly appreciate the Guatemala system much better. I had a very difinitive list of what I needed, with examples. I turned in exactly what was asked, nothing more and no question about any of it. Russia on the other hand...oh my! Good luck in the paperchase, I hope it is soon a distant memory when you get your referral.

votemom said...

we did paperwork 4 times. i feel like it sucked the very life out of me. i haven't yet recovered. no lie.


U.N. Mama said...

Oh why Kate! XYZ is part of life in Russia! Aren't you used to that???? lol (she says sarcastically)

Anonymous said...

Your post just made me laugh out loud..I always had trouble "explainiing" why the paperwork for our adoption was so complicated..and the way you explain it says it all!! I swear I feel like I should have earned a PHD in adoption process..keep working hard at your XYZs and you'll get your PHD too! haha

Anonymous said...

Kate -
it's so sad that so many of us know exactly what you mean!!! But somehow we all manage to get our xyz's in order!!! Hang in there!