17 March 2007

you are what you eat

Or at least that's what we've been told over and over again. So perhaps my recent eating habits are noteworthy. For the last two dinners and breakfast this morning I've been eating sunflower seeds, pistachios, almonds and cashews. To counteract...their effect, I've also had a couple of bananas.

That's me these days. Nuts. And bananas. Either way...


Maggie said...

Hee! Or you could look at it this way -- the bananas will make you sweet.

DeanaMarie said...


The agency just emailed me saying they forgot to send me my new visas!! My visa expires on March 20th and I am scheduled to reach Moscow on March 19th.

Any ideas on what I can do? My flight was only $612 with Delta and all other tickets I saw were $2,400+. I am desperate to figure this out ASAP. I can't get a hold of my agency.

OMW! This is crazy!

Suzanne said...

ha! I love your sense of humor.