21 August 2007

good news?

I received this e-mail:

"The committee has your documents, and they will let the office know when they have reviewed them."

So, this could be REALLY good news! But, it's so out of the blue that I don't know quite what's going on...and there is no updated hs yet...so....I think it's good news. Heck, I think any documentary action is good. (Okay, not the lions attacking wildebeast kind, but I couldn't resist that image.)

**Note: I didn't mean to imply that my documents were being registered. Oh, no. The committee just has my documents for review and not for filing. But, I still think this is good news.

Thanks for all your kind comments on my classroom. I think it looks great! I found out today (when most of my students arrived--they take up space, too) that it's too small for the extra table I had in there. So, now it's just the 16 desks, a couch and a bookcase, and the three computers. Not sure how long the computers will last...


Calico Sky said...

Well that's good news!!!

Your classroom souns great. Hoping you have a great school year :)

Anonymous said...

Wahoo - well that's good - maybe they are trying to do a pre-emptive strike - the committee must know they will be inundated with documents as accreditation comes through so it makes sense for them to look through them now and make sure all is in order. Plus for your unique situation it's a help too - so that way when they are officially filed it's all good!
I'm having trouble reading this as I type...maybe I need some neosporin in my eye!
hugs and prayers

Deb said...

Any update and any movement at this point is super. Congratz on this step.