07 August 2007

progress...of sorts

I often get stopped and asked for directions when I'm out walking. I was thinking about the progression in my Russian skills in relation to direction giving. Here's the progression of my responses:

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

I'm sorry, I don't know.

I'm sorry, I speak a tiny bit of Russian.

(I hear: Devoshka (girl), sltjeislkgdfeutsdk seoitsvlsteskgsjldj Aurora?)
and reply, "Aurora? To the right."

Yesterday I heard, "Devoshka (girl), ksdjfoeifjs Gdye (where) dkjslkdjfiefkdfksdjf?"

And I replied, "I speak a little Russian. Please repeat?"

He apologized and said he was asking where the Gorkovskaya Metro was, and prepared to leave--obviously thinking I didn't know/couldn't tell. HA!

I said, "Yes, I know. The park..." and pointed at said park...

He asked, "After the park?"

I replied, "Yes, after the little park, is a big park to the right. In the center of the big park is the Metro."

His girlfriend understood and they headed off.

Okay, it's not a dissertation on, well, anything. But, I think it's progress!

(clever segue)

Hopefully sw #2 is making progress on my hs. She is back from vacation today. I exercised restraint and didn't e-mail her while she was gone. I e-mailed her scans of all my documents this morning (except for the FBI check that I'm hoping comes in this week's post...it should...). I've already written up all the changes she needs to make. So, it shouldn't take her long. She didn't confirm receipt of the documents (I just e-mailed and asked for that), though, which makes me wonder if she's really back and working...

We really should be on track for a new hs to be finished about the same time my agency receives accreditation.

Edited to add: SW #2 responded to my request for confirmation. She couldn't unzip my scans. So, I changed them to jpeg, resent them, and voila! She has info.


Tami said...

You're doing great with your language! I don't know how you do it, but keep up the good work.
I hope your social worker just gets right in there and tackles your homestudy. You're getting closer!

Melissa said...

you got me beat on the language.

Lea said...

Now that's progress! Wow! Hopefully she is so busy working on your home study that she forgot to send you the confirmation. When is your agency suppose to receive it's reaccreditation?

Anonymous said...

love your language description.....I hope you get your new hs soon.


Anonymous said...

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Jane said...

I would think the process of adoption would be simpler for you since your in Russia, but it seems like they are making you jump thru even more hoops. Hope it all works out soon, I know you must be anxious. Your language skills are great! When my kids come home, the most I will be able to communicate with them is "do you want a banana?"!!

Deb said...

Yippee! on both stories. It's always nice when you can communicate.
Glad to hear that your new hs is close to being complete.