31 December 2007

quick quotes

New Year's is a harmless annual institution,
of no particular use to anybody
save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks,
and friendly calls,
and humbug resolutions.

~Mark Twain

The only way to spend New Year's Eve
is either quietly with friends or in a brothel.
Otherwise when the evening ends and people pair off,
someone is bound to be left in tears.
~W.H. Auden

New Year's Resolution:
To tolerate fools more gladly
provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.
~James Agate




votemom said...

interesting quotes.

i've never really understood celebrating news years'. to me, it's just another day.

tonight, i will put TheShortOnes to bed, catch up on my reading, and fall asleep by 10.

my 17 yr old son is having some buddies over. they will stay up all night eating junk food and playing video games.

my 21 yr old daughter and her best friend are getting chinese takeout and watching a chick flick.

my 13 yr old son is going to a boy-girl shindig and will learn to swing dance.

my husband will also be reading.

i think i'd like to be the 13 yr old tonight. but i wasn't invited.

how will you spend tonight? it's almost 2008 for you.

ferenge mama said...

Wow - I LOVE those quotes. You and I appear to be of a similar opinion about NYE. :-)

I wish you the best in 2008

Tina in CT said...

Happy New Year's to you. I know that this is a very big holiday in Russia. My dog and I will be curled up on the couch under a down throw watching a movie. I'll be knitting for Rachel's Etsy store (a sweater, hat, skirt and sox outfit to fit an American Girl doll)while my Dachshund sleeps. I like being home on New Year's and not having to be out on the roads with all the drunk drivers.

Hope this is your year and that motherhood will soon be in the cards for you.

Rachael said...

why you're just full of good ones today...

Tina said...


Love the quotes. Appreciate your taking the time to comment on my blog - but am abashed ot admit - I don't understand what you meant - use what in my research? It killed your address so I don't know how to reach you.

Hope you have a nice evening - even if it is NYE.

Holly said...

I have to steal that last quote and put it on my blog! If that don't say it all!! LOL

Happy New Year Kate! I wish you much happiness and a completed adoption!

Anonymous said...

K8 I am hoping for the best year eva for you to be happy in Russia and for D2B to be DD and that is it...smiles and hugs to you this New Years...

Maura said...

Love the quotes, Kate.

Happy New Year to you...may 2008 be more about BEING a mom to a new daughter than waiting for her.

DH and I are going to listen to some music and go to bed - we usually cannot stay awake for midnight anymore.

Becky and Keith said...

Happy New Years, Kate! I hope this year unites you with your D2B. It should be a great year for all of us!

Jackie said...

Happy New Year, Kate. This is your year!!!

junglemama said...

Happy New Year!

Annie said...

I love your quotations!