30 April 2008

clarification. not complanining.

I don't actually land on the floor. I wake up half-way through and do some kind of half-gainer to get myself back in bed. Leaves my heart racing!

Black out drapes aren't an option because they also block out AIR. There is no air conditioning in this flat (not much in the city) and it gets very close and very still in the flat if the windows aren't opened to the "fresh" air. I'm thinking black posterboard on the windows...

And, I DO have drapes that black out all light in the guest rooms. It doesn't help, even when it's cool. I can feel that the sun is out.

For now, the psych minor in me says to treat myself like a child--with a strict bedtime routine that signals "time to sleep" since the darkness doesn't. So, it's lavendar bath, brush teeth, melatonin, story and sleep. Fan on (lowering body temperature is the biggest thing you can do to bring on sleep. Marie are you reading? I learned that at the TS seminar we attended!) is important for noise and temperature. It helps...but I just don't sleep well.

It's just the way it is. It will be better in September. Even summer is a *little* better because I can nap during the day and sleep the odd hours my body prefers.

Thanks for chiming in!


Anonymous said...

I am giggling...falling out of bed may scare Beaze away until mid-morning, you know. Try it.

Annie said...

Did you ever consider Moscow?

Did you ever see Insomnia? Neat movie, a thriller, if I recall about the white nights in Alaska.

The idea of White Nights holds no charm for me. I find Daylight Savings Time disruptive!