01 August 2008

quick "btw"

I have always had lots of little people in my life. I was a summer-nanny, camp counselor, youth group leader, Sunday school/vbs/children's choir/drama/dance teacher and youth theatre dirctor all throughout high school and college...and beyond.

I just saw one of my little people buy her first place, (which actually wasn't a nighmare) thanks to hgtv. (It was just background noise while I checked your blogs.) Fun! She has grown (no surprise) into a very lovely, gracious woman. Welcome home, Meg!


Jenni said...

That's pretty cool!

Annie said...

I realize that the first children I taught are adults now and I could consider them friends. How strange that feels.

6blessings said...

This is interesting. About 2 months ago, we were speaking at my parent's home place where I grew up. I saw a girl I babysat with two kids of her own. Ugh, does that make one feel old! I also heard from a girl that I was her kids' camp sponsor. Now she is mine. Amazing how life goes full circle.