04 August 2008


Beazy (my cat--named for Beatrice in Much Ado) is bored and a little depressed since we've moved. She can't watch birds anymore. She's got no patches of sunshine in which to doze. And this place just smells weird-which is unsettling.

I am going to be away on referral and court and pick-up trips in the next year (!), and Beazy will be alone for weeks.

Beazy likes company. She likes to be with people. Well, Beazy likes to be with me. Her favorite days are Saturdays when we just loll around. (She's an excellent loll-er and napper.) She'll be lonely without me.

D2b will likely want to play with Beazy, who will likely not want to play with d2b.

A new kitten would be too fragile for d2b.

Introducing a cat to a new kitten takes time. A young kitten is more easily tolerated than an older cat when introduced into a home.

So we got a kitten last Friday.

Her name is still undecided, but I'm leaning towards Hermia and calling her Mia. Miranda and Olivia and Thisbe are all in the running, too. I think Russian kittens look like little foxes--very pointed noses and big ears. This little kitten also resembles a house elf...

Beazy (my gorgeous, loyal cat) is not impressed and is desperately trying to spot birds instead.


Anonymous said...

LOL - I was thinking something similar about your new kitty's ears and then I read the "house elf" bit - you crack me up.

Hope Beazy gets along with your new flatmate!

Deb said...

What a cutie. Those are big ears.

I love your reasoning for a new kitten. Hope Beazy warms up to her soon.

Tami said...

What a cutie! Hope Beazy warms up to her soon. I vote for 'Thisbe.'

Tina in CT said...

They look a lot alike. Adorable little face on the kitten. What about Elfie since she is elflike?

The apt. has a strange smell. Not good.

Your Russian winters are so gray and not to have sunlight come in the windows when there is actually sun shinning is too bad.

Anonymous said...

aw, cuteness itself. Over here it took about 6 weeks for Oscar to resign himself to a kitten stalking his tail and pouncing on him while he was sleeping... good plan getting her early!

kim said...

So cute... they resemble each other. The name Mia is funny... we just watched "The Princess Diaries" again last night and Anne Hathaway is "Mia." We named one of our cats "Fat Louie" after her cat in the movie.

AdoptaMama said...

She's sweet! Congratulations. Hope the transition goes smoothly for everyone. It took our adult cats about 3.5 days to somewhat accept each other and probably another few weeks to fully accept and become buds. After almost 5 months now it's as though they've been together forever. I'm guessing it won't take yours quite as long.
Congrats again! :)

sandy said...

What a cute kitten! Cat politics - a strange thing. The latest cat addition took about 2 years and I think we've reached a status quo... both cats will sit with me on the sofa now, but still not have anything to do with each other. (But they were both over 10 years old.)

Now you need to show up pics of your new apartment.

Thanks for the pie update... I'm still debating whether or not to include a recipe. Butter in grams... and flour in ?

Here's hoping your 900 day seige ends sooner than expected. (Although I can't really talk because our seige is now at about 955 days... but maybe we'll come in under 1000. =)

Rachael said...

She does have little elf-like ears! Very cute though. I love that they're both calico colored. Like a little matching set! :)

And I love the title of your post. Are you reasoning with yourself?

Holly said...

My first thought was Mia's nice (I would like it...it's Grace's middle name and I often call her that).

My second thought was house-elf, followed closely by "Winky" the name of the little female house-elf in Harry Potter.

She's a cutie.

Annie said...

I adore cats. And Shakespeare. I'll be interested in what you decide! You're a very thoughtful, loving cat-mommy.

Jenni said...

OMG, I love her! She's so adorable. Can't wait to see what name you wind up picking. I hope Beazy warms up to her soon.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...what a cutie! And Beazy's just gorgeous! House-elf is what I was thinking when I saw the little one's ears. Not Winkie, though. That's the face of a little kittie who can stand up for herself. I'll be interested to see what you decide on.

I hope your transition goes more smoothly than my last one. Daphne just turned 4 (home at 3 months). Nike, my old lady (17 next month) still lives in the guest room. Which is the future baby's room. There's also Cobweb, my middle child (yes, named for one of the mischievous fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream). I'm still waiting for everyone to get along...or at least, find a way to ignore each other.

Suzanne said...

They are both beautiful. Beazy & Winky.


Lea said...

Adorable kitty! How old is Beazy? She is very pretty too! Hopefully they will eventually become the best of friends.