30 December 2008


Remember votemom cheering things on last January with
2008 is the year for Kate!

I guess 2009 will do just fine. ; >

Although, as is obvious by the bovine craze here, next year is the year of the bull in whatever calendar that is (Chinese?). And, frankly, I think I've had enough bull already. How can there be more? A whole year dedicated to the bull seems a bit much.

That's right. I keep forgetting. Segues are for children.
--my friend Suzanne during innumerable conversations.

As I was driving home from the orphanage today (Yes, yes--but those posts need to percolate. First they have to be treasured up in my heart. Then I can share.) I was thinking back to last year, when I brought dolls to my girls in 3.10. They have grown up so much this year!

And, I can honestly and truly say that I am grateful not to have had d2b home in 2008. This last year with these girls...was a privilege and a delight. It was a gift. Being with them breaks my heart and then fills the pieces with joy...over and over again.


Tami said...

I am so glad you are in those girls lives. I am sure we can't even begin to imagine what it means to them...and you. :)

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

You have such a profound heart! God must smile when he looks at you.


Maura said...

Your friendship is a gift for those girls, as much as seeing them is a gift for you. And you have a great way of seeing things - had you brought d2b home quickly, you might never have met "your girls", and that would have been a loss for you and for them.

That said, I'll second the "2009 will do just fine!"

julian said...

I am certified NK-8. I sent my resume to Mrs. Fursova and I did see that SP had that 1st grade opening.. I am going to email her soon. I am praying about it.
2009 is going to be your year! I feel it.
Spring is a beautiful time to finalize and adoption!!

Annie said...

They are so fortunate to have you as a friend, and your generosity of spirit is truly heroic.

Kay B said...

Kate - Wishing you a Happy New Year and praying that you are blessed beyond measure in 2009!

Tina in CT said...

Happy New Year! I hope d2b(s) become part of your family very soon!

The Muscovites arrive at suppertime so I am frantically cleaning.

beckyww said...

What a difference you are making. I love to think of it - you inspire me. xoxoxoo

Deb said...

Maybe the bull will signify the speed and intensity that will come for you this year.
I'm glad that you're able to see at least one positive thing to your long year.

Praying 2009 brings d2b home.