29 December 2008


During the great internet debacle of winter 2008, our heroine received word from her agency that the rep in her chosen region (chosen FOR HER, mind) was requesting two more bits of paper from the local municipality. Those two bits of paper would require every single piece of documentation already filed. ALREADY FILED.

Our plucky heroine groaned aloud and then gathered her resolve. She electronically mailed the assistant to the mover and shaker (becuase mover and shaker has been persistenly absent) at her agency and requested either another region or that the doucments already submitted be used for this latest request. Our heroine met with a wall of resistence to changing regions. Since "no one was in line in front of her in this region" the wait, she was told, would be shorter. Assistant m&s failed to recognize that waiting for recompilation of documents was still waiting!

Using a secret signaling device, our heroine contacted the rep in her city of residence, Super G. Super G, bless her a million times over, declared this latest request "useless" and was indignant. Super G and our heroine had already discussed this with the local municipality prior to the last home visit. Municipality woman had declared that it was not necessary to do everything twice.

Armed with this quote about the uselessness of the request, our heroine proceeded to telepathically (or telephonically) contact the asst. m&s who basically said, "Oh. Okay. I'll see if you really need this. If you do I'll send you paperwork for another region." Heroine arranges to contact asst. a week from Wednesday.

Our heroine claims this as a triumph, tosses her cape into the hamper and prepares for bed. For tomorrow there will be more battles to fight...and a good night's rest is her secret weapon.


Tami said...

You GO girl!

Suzanne said...


email to me your snail mail address, please. I have accidentally purchased on eBay Geo-cards for the older model and would like to donate them to your classroom.

I'll put my email in another comment post so you can delete it lest the spammers find me.

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

You are sooo funny, Your great sense of humor and tenacity will get you through anything they throw at you!!!

Annie said...

Fingers crossed!

Tina in CT said...

You do deserve a medal for patience!

julian said...

I am one of those who wishes I was back in Russia. My friend and I follow your blog and she called and told me that you must have written your entry for ME. I sent my resume to AAS in Moscow, but I think that is as far as it will get. Oh Well!
I am sorry you are sort of struggling. You need some very good news soon! Best,

Jim said...

Hey! See, you have been there long enough that you know nothing is decided in Russia until you have achieved some type of consensus. Most PAP would have just taken it lying down. Glad you didn't!

Annie said...

I thought that was written to ME. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!

Deb said...

What fun it will be to share stories like this with your daughter one day. Hopefully you'll be able to laugh about the ridiculousness of it some day soon.

Glad you stuck to it.

Unknown said...

that is so funny! Isn't is NUTS the paperwork you need? The same information in 12 different forms. I think we have at least 3-4 different post-placement commitment letters.

(p.s. glad you got a chuckle out of my post wanting some kind of info on when the mall was open!)