26 June 2009

her name...

is, and will continue to be, Sasha. She's Alexandra. Middle name disclosed after court!

Having thought I might keep her name as her middle name and add a new first name (Sasha is neither one of my favorites nor one of the can't -stands...except I'm worried someone might mistake me for an Obama supporter. Nah. Never happen.), I was surprised at how unquestioningly I kept her name. Really, as people keep saying who have done the same thing, I feel like it's all she has. And I can't take that away from her.

Not judging--just how it played out for us.

Now, if in time she wants to change it, well and good.

And we can always Americanize the nickname.

See? That was worth signing on to a private blog.

Answering comments:
Jim, of *course* families are included. And thank you and your family for your prayers.

Melissa, yes, it's a new USCIS requirement. If your paperwork says that you're requesting "minor, correctable health conditions" and you are referred a child whose paperwork indicates otherwise, there are now visa problems. Now you have to either have paperwork changed (including a hs update) to match or get a doctor to do a private evaluation and say that actually the issues are minor and correctable. We're hoping that the doctor who examined her will do that for us. Hoping.


Deb said...

Love her name and how willing you are as her new mommy to keep it.
I didn't even think of Obama by the way. :-)

julian said...

Just smiling. Knowing that I did the same with my Anna. Her name was all she had. Sadly, my little AugustRose had the Same name.
and "Anna, and my other daughter Anna" seemed way to much like the Newhart show..
I wanted to name my 3rd daughter, Aurora. Maybe that could be the middle name????

Maura said...

Sasha is a great name, and I think going with your gut and keeping it is the right thing for the two of you.

Like the new apt. building, BTW. I know the boats might be noisy, but how nice to see the water. :-)

Tami said...

TOTALLY worth signing up for your blog! Love the name! :)

Rachael said...

Oh, I LOVE the name Sasha. It totally fits with a little dark haired pixie, I think!

I suspected you'd keep the name once you met her -- by six, a name is so much of one's identity and personality. My fingers have been crossed all along for you that you didn't get one of your dislikes names! :)

beckyww said...

As long as your name is "Mom" - who cares?! xoxoxoxo

votemom said...

it's a name near&dear to this heart. now i'll just pray for Sasha-squared.

Jenni said...

I am so with you on the name thing. I never imagined I'd have a little girl named Vika, but here we are. It's just hard to change the name when it seems so much a part of who they are. I'm not sure why it was easy to do with Eamon - perhaps because he had never really connected to his Russian-roots the way Vika did?

Anyway, I think both Alexandra and Sasha are lovely names! And, an Obama connection never even crossed my mind.

Annie said...

I think keeping her name is good. If I had to do it over again, I would have kept Chloe's name. Katya. It was perfect. I didn't need to change it. Why did we? It's hard now to say. The other day Chloe said to a little friend of hers, "When I was a baby I was in Russia." Little friend said, "What was your name?" (Why are they so damn smart???) Chloe said, "I was always Chloe." Oh sheesh. Knive meet heart.

Karla said...

we also adopted an "Alexandra" who went by Sasha...so, we kept it as Sasha Alexandra!! It has worked well. And no, no one seems to think of the Obama family...go for it! I love it! Love, Karla