11 July 2009

saturday nothingness

I went shopping early this morning so as to beat the traffic and be back in time to get a parking space near my flat. Well, early here means I left by 8:00 on a Saturday. That's early for this sleep-in town.

I carefully planned my route so as not to drive by either the militsia guy who stops me for no reason despite my red plates or the one who pulled me over for a valid, though unknown, offense.

I got most of my shopping sorted. But I didn't find denture cleaner. NO! I need it to clean my shower head. I looked in the toothpaste aisle. Wouldn't you think it'd be there? Nothing tablet-y or fizzy or in a box with a picture of teeth.

Do they have dentures in Russia?

(Yes, I'll try hot vinegar on the shower head now. It's next on my list. Denture cleaner just sounded fizzy.)

(btw, one of our Estonian girls at school has the name "Talii" which, apparently, means "dentures" in Korean. It made my little SM giggle everytime she said it last year.)

(I'm finding it very interesting, linguistically speaking, that I wrote "has the name" instead of "is named". Very passive and Russian of me. Linguistically speaking.)


Barb said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't find any Polident . . . you mentioned your car again . . . did you ever tell us where you found it this last time?

julian said...

Do you ever come to the US for your summers?

votemom said...

hey. just popping in.

Annie said...

Your story reminded me of the mother of Sergei's friend in third grade. He was invited to this little Korean boy's home and as I was taking him into their apartment building I was accosted by what initially appeared to be an illiterate vulgarity - Fuk Yu.

Looking more carefully, I realized that it was her NAME over the mailbox. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

We need the car story; I second that.