15 July 2009

tick tock

If my agency would PLEASE just make up their minds about what I need to do, I could start doing it.

Yes, everything is finished if we don't mention my move. But, I think the judge will want to see a lease. And, while I know there is "game-playing" involved in Russian adoption, this pretend-you-haven't-moved feels too high stakes to me.

I think we should submit my new lease (agency actually asked me to get a lease without an address...umm...not possible).
I think we need a new homevisit and two new homestudies.
I think we need to get the paperwork with my address on it re-done. (WHY is there an address on my psych eval??)
I think I should go to the region, visit Sasha, and re-do all the petition/registration/etc. forms that have my address on them IN RUSSIAN, in front of a Russian notary. Then, the papers don't have to fly to the US, be notarized and apostilled, flown back and translated. They'd just be finished.

I have suggested all of this. Multiple times.

However, no one seems to care what I think. And so we're wasting another day. By the time they e-mail me today, even if it's morning there, it'll be too late here to call my sw and try to schedule a visit.

I'm almost to the point of e-mailing and telling them that if I don't have a plan of action from them by tomorrow morning (MY time) I'm starting to move ahead as I see fit. Almost. We'll see how the day pans out.


eta: I did e-mail them.

And don't freak out about the new blog color, this color and charcoal grey are two of my favorites. I had just had enough of the pink. This is much more peaceful to me.

I just wish the header stretched...or centered...or something...


yjwebers said...

Pretending you didn't move sounds awfully risky....especially for us rule followers. Love, Nif

Sarah D said...

I'm so glad to be back! I had a lot of catching up to do....thanks for the invite, I totally understand the delicate nature of the situation. Mum is my motto.

Unknown said...

What in the world? Haven't they learned yet that Kate is three steps ahead of them and they should just try to catch up? That makes me so mad.

Lauri said...


Annie said...

I love the blog color...and the pink was wearing.... I wonder how you made it all so spacious. Did you just change the font size or what? I like it a lot. I could read it without putting my contacts in.