14 October 2009

a pretending

When I was acting professionally and had to go to an audition or a job, I'd tell my little friend Faith (who always wanted me to come and hang out) that it was a pretending day for me. (I have to say, pretending is a great job.) She even came and saw some of my pretendings.

We were making breakfast the other morning and I asked Lexi if she was a cook. "No," she replied indignantly. "I'm a babushka. You're a cook." So we tied a (clean) dishtowel around her head, tossed another one over my shoulder, and away pretending we went.

Babushka was grumbling all the time that we made French toast that it ought to be kasha. But, Lexi happily ate it once it was through. She called me "povar" the entire time the dishtowel was on my shoulder.

A couple times since then babushka has showed up to sweep the floor and wash dishes. She's handy to have around! (Of course, she always wears a dishtowel.) Although she's a little stern, babushka (not capitalized) is one of the nicer people Lexi pretends to be. (Nana, you can take comfort in that!)


votemom said...

thanks for sharing these special early times with us.


Dawn said...

That's great! I thought I read somewhere that imagination/pretending is a more advanced cognitive skill, so it's wonderful that she's already doing some of that. (Not that I think anyone who is around you for any length of time would be able to refuse pretend play :)!

Do you only speak English with her or do you do a mix of English/Russian?

Rachael said...

A little off topic, but your post had me wondering too what you will do about language. Are you speaking just Russian to her? I imagine that living in Russia as you do, she will be the exception to the rule for internationally adopted children rapidly losing their native tongue as the new language is introduced. And, since she won't learn English by total immersion, I wonder how that will affect that. Well, maybe too much wondering, but this language acquisition is INTERESTING to me! I just wrote a post about Katya and some of her English language funnies. I remember so vividly those early days and the longing for us to get to the point where we could really communicate beyond the language limitations.

Loving hearing about your early days together. I think imaginative play and the ability to do so is GREAT!

Tina in CT said...

When do you return to work and Lexi to school? Enjoy your time home together.

Tami said...

I don't think I've officially welcomed you home yet. So YAY!!! WELCOME HOME! :) Don't worry, I've been reading, just too emotionally and physically spent to comment much lately. Long story. I'll fill you in later.
So glad to see she is able to play pretend...that's great! What fun the two of you will have playing together. I, too, would love to hear about your language plans. And keep those adorable pictures coming! :)

J. said...

Oh how adorable! It's great you're "capturing" these special moments!

Harry is also a HUGE helper around the house/yard. I mean, really, he BEGS us to let him help! Of course his idea of help, and ours isn't always the same, but nonetheless, you gotta love a child who wants to help out!

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Okay now you are just freaking me out!
I may not have been a professional actor, but I sure wanted to be! I was a Theatre major in college. I was going to move to Cali with some of my school mates before I fell in love with a West Point boy.
I was married a year later.
Love reading all of your updates.
I am behind in commenting these days.
I am so glad to hear all is well.
Doesn't it feel good to have all of the paperwork and bureaucracy behind you?

MoscowMom said...

Welcome home!!! Lexi is so precious! I love reading about your adventures.

I have a bag of dresses for her, and a bag of stuff from Rachael for you and the girls at the orphanage. Let me know if you hear of anyone from AAS in Moscow planning to head to St.P, okay? I'd be happy to deliver it to them here in Moscow.

Julie H said...

When will you do Charlie's Angels?

Anonymous said...

I am with Rachael,
what are you going to do?
I am also very curious - why did you change her name?

kate said...

Language post coming, everyone.

Olga, I didn't change her name. She's still Alexandra. Read back some posts and you'll find out more.

Maura said...

Returning from a week away and so happy to see these posts and photos! Lexi is a precious pixie in her glasses and cute haircut. Her face positively lights up now!

Enjoy your settling-in-and-getting-to-know-each-other time with your little daughter. :-D

beckyww said...

Love this! Send her to my house! Our floors need cleaning fer shure.

Annie said...

I love it. Nothing like pretending with or without pay.

Zhenya said to me the other day - "You know Mom, when you read you really do the voices good." I wanted to say, "Really! People used to pay me for this!" But, I would rather have his acclaim than any high salary. (Not that I ever got THAT, of course!)

Crayon said...

Hi, I just started reading your blog and was having trouble following along [I get confused easily, lol]. So you live in St. Petersburg.... have you always lived in Russia? I couldn't figure out where the trip to the US fit in — were you just visiting? Where is Lexi from? Congratulations, btw!