30 May 2010

myself, age seven

by Lexi

What is your favorite color? Black

Who is your best friend at school? Anya and Isabel. Write "Isabel".
*note: These girls aren't often very nice playmates.

Who do you like to play with? Thomas. And I like to play with you, Mummeeeeee.

What do you like best to play on the playground? Swings!

What do you like best to eat? Spaghetti.

What is your favorite book? Oh, Frances! (with a big smile and a sparkle)

What is your favorite song to sing at bedtime? The Castle Song
(Castle on a Cloud from Les Miz) and Feed the Birds

What do you want to do when you're a big girl? Play in the fountains.

What is your favorite thing to play at home? Play with Mouse.

What is your favorite movie? At the Beach (Peppa Pig episode)

What is your favorite game? Memory

My favorite thing is to be helping. I'm such a good helper for you!

(Notes from Mama: Lexi, age newly-seven, loves bubbles, painting, puzzles, books and her new dollhouse. She always asks, "Can I play with my dollhouse? Will you share it with me?" before she plays. She loves to sing and dance. She often "teaches" music lessons and dance lessons and all sorts of lessons to her imaginary class. She is a very serious teacher. She loves spaghetti, pancakes with syrup, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, strawberries, watermelon, kiwi, mango, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and popcorn. She loves peanut butter, ketchup and mayonnaise. She likes squeaky kisses and fast, everywhere kisses, and big hugs--all exclusively from Mama. She is an excellent helper--my very best helper. She loves to wear pretty dresses and to dress up in costumes. When she's nervous, when people are being over-familiar she turns to me, puts up her arms and asks, "Pick up me." This is usually followed by a request to be "Upsidedown!")


Annie said...

Oh....now I'm sad. How I want a little one again! We used to do "McGinnies"; that was THE fun thing with Mama.

I'm holding the child; they are facing me with their legs around my waist. I'd count dramatically, "One, Two, Three....."leave a suspensful pause, "and.....DOWN"... and I lean to the floor, letting their head and body drop (with my cushioning hand on the back of their head, of course, to prevent whiplash!) "goes McGinny to the bottom of the sea......aaaaaaand (up we come) "UP comes McGinny for Nastya and Me!!!" Or Zhenya....

Everyone called for McGinnies until one day I'd find myself wondering WHAT I'd done in the garden, or WHAT I'd been lifting to creat this constant backache, and I'd realize sadly that it was McGinnies.....

I love the interview idea. Did you ever see "Anna" by Nikita Mikhalkov.

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

big smile!

and, i also LOVE the castle song.


beckyww said...

Lexi has great taste! (especially in moms)

Lindy D. said...

Very sweet! She seems so wonderfully attached to you. I am sad that Lexi doesn't have nicer playmates at school.

The Accidental Mommy said...

That is so sweet her favorite thing to do is help you!

Julie H said...

I wonder how many of those answers would be the same as yours were :)

Lindy D. said...

Oh, she is so sweet!! Does she want to call you "mummee" now? I think "mama" is so cute.