19 May 2010

say ahhhh

Lexi has huge tonsils. Huge. Mine are so small that every doctor who examines me asks if I've had them removed. (I haven't.) Lexi's fill up her poor little throat.

I was commenting that I thought she'd have to have them out once we were home. A friend told me that she might just need to have them cleaned. Never having heard of this, I told her so and asked what it entailed.

She said that tonsillectomies are very rare in Russia (I can confirm my Russian ped's reaction to the suggestion--she was horrified at the thought of such a "very risky surgery"). Instead, she is meant to go in yearly and have her tonsils drained and washed. She said she hasn't done it for several years because it's so uncomfortable.

Sounds uncomfortable to me.


The Accidental Mommy said...

Oh glughhhhhhgabah! What an awful thought! And this process is safer than surgery?

Stefanie and Bill said...

Hmmm, I've never heard of "cleaning" either. I wonder how that would change the ability to breath better? Three of my boys had their tonsils removed. Two, were so large that when they were sleeping it sounded like Darth Vadar was in the room!

Elizabeth said...

I think I had my tonsils "drained and washed" once at a Russian facility, but I had no idea what was going on at the time. They just held a little basin up to my mouth and poked my throat with something. I also got on a table and had to have my nose flushed out with saline solution. Ouch. I thought tonsillectomies were rare these days, but I suppose it is recommended if it impedes sleeping and such.

Team Bedzyk said...

Hi Kate! Never heard of cleaning tonsils, but can vouch for the tonsilectomy. After bringing home our little guy from Russia at 21 months, he spent the first year in and out of the Doc's office for constant colds and ear infections. He was always sick. They finally examined his tonsils, commented on how big they were (they were touching), and scheduled him for surgery the next week. Hasn't had a cold in a year since they were removed!

Tina in CT said...

Both of my granddaughters had their adenoids out and the older one as had the tonsils out. Not a fun recovery but once it's done, it's never to be a problem again.

I also never heard of having tonsils cleaned and it doesn't sound too pleasant.

My suggestion - See a good US doctor.

kate said...

(Tina, that tops our list of summer plans. Several of them.)

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beckyww said...

And this is somehow better than having them removed?!


I had mine out at age 23. I highly recommend getting them out as a child! :-)

J. said...

Skip has HUGE tonsils as well. And like Lexi, they took up his whole throat. He also snored LOUDLY. Within a year of being home from Russia he had both the tonsils and adnoids removed without a hitch. As a bonus, he no longer snores.

julian said...

I googled tonsil cleaning, wow!!!.
Some people have tonsil stones. WHO KNEW??
I ended up on a youtube adventure looking at people having the stones removed. Yeah, go for the surgery if its an option.

nicole said...

one of mine had the tonsils and adenoids done he wasnt thrilled but he loved the treat..think of a great treat mama..huggs from canada..

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Andy said...

One of the things that we found out when Liam had his tonsils out is that tonsils grow faster then the kids do. So they can have fully grown tonsils when they are young and small that make then seem HUGE, but that they will grow into them.

Annie said...

I believe I'd leave well enough alone! My own pediatrician was ahead of his times, and refused to do tonsilectomies unless there was a very serious reason to so so. I'm glad; I'm have mine and no reason not to. So do all of my children.

Someone else told me that if you don't have tonsils you just get a serious sore throat anyway.

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Yikes! I haven't heard of that either.

And, me too - HUGE tonsils. They consistenly touched throughout my childhood - whether I was sick or not. I still have them. After a childhood of tonsilitis annually, I guess I grew into them :) No problems as a adult. And, I do not snore - Matt will confirm.

So, what's up with the spam commenters :( Sheesh.