13 August 2010

Colorado pix

June, I have to start this with sad news for you. My camera battery died right before the singing cowboys came on stage. I do have pix of the fun beforehand, but until friends e-mail me their pix, there are no singing cowboys to be found here.


Here is my favorite cowgirl ready to leave Chattanooga and fly to Denver (via Dallas).

outside Casa Bonita in Denver--a gloriously cheesy Mexican restaurant
You don't go for the food.
But the cliff divers, pinatas, puppet shows and general atmosphere are priceless.

at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
(Nif, Amy, let me know if you want this picture removed.)

This is America the Beautiful park. See why?
(That circle is a fountain.)

eating a just-picked apricot

The night of the singing cowboys!
Waiting for everyone to arrive at Flying W Ranch. I couldn't pick just one.

getting her face painted

watching a horse get shod

dancing with Sunshine Sweetwater

ready for the chuckwagon dinner and show
She loved the cowboys! She had been planning for weeks,as she told me often, that she would be on stage with them and sing a song--just one. I told her I wasn't sure that would happen. They did announce that she was visiting from Russia, so I popped her on top of the picnic table and everyone applauded. That was a happy moment. She ate some, made her usual multiple trips to the bathroom, danced a lot, and then fell asleep. All in all, an excellent night.

Ah, my glasses. Well, the eye doctor told her this time that she needed to wear her glasses all the time. So, I abandoned my contacts and got glasses, too. I know she's not wearing them here. But, she usually does. And I've decided bold frames like these replace make-up for me.


june said...

Well, all that cuteness makes up for the lack of photographic evidence of the singing cowboys. I GUESS. ;)

Lindy D. said...

So much fun to see pictures of you and your beautiful girl. Lexi looks so stylish in her outfits... love the cowboy hat with feathers, the flowered dress, and the cowgirl outfit. What a special summer she has had!

Maura said...

Your photos are great - clearly you both had a fabulous time.

And I think your glasses look great and stylish!

ko said...

Looks like a lot of fun times!!!

nicole said...

awww lexi you and mama are too cute..iam glad you had an awesome time..

julian said...

Cute Cute Cute!!
But where is your family from? Colorado or somewhere else..

You guys did a whole lotta traveling. I am sure you are tickled to be NOT living out of a suitcase!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

OK, and my verification word for that last comment was "tumping." Doesn't that sound like something elephants do??

Lindsay said...

Hannah says Hi and asks if Lexi's doll had good holiday too, and thinks Lexi's cow girl hat is 'very, very nice.'

We both like the glasses btw :)

Lexi and you both look so happy in the photos. You must have had a fantastic time.

Best wishes to you and your beautiful cowgirl :)

Deb said...

Adorable cowgirl. So sweet that they acknowledged her as visiting from Russia.

Tina in CT said...

Is Santa bringing Lexi the historical American Girl doll that emigrated to the US at the turn of the 19th century. My granddaughter got her for Christmas this past year and she's a beautiful doll with great clothes and accessories.

I noticed that Lexi is holding Bitty Baby from American Girl so that's why I asked.

kate said...

Tina, Santa only does stockings at our house. But, Mama got Lexi Molly for Christmas.

Her baby is well-traveled and much-loved.

Chris said...

Glad you had a nice trip to Colorado! We love it, as it is our home. We took Anneliese and Alexa (adopted from Perm, Russia in 2007) to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this past weekend. Feeding the Giraffes is always a favorite. We don't visit Casa Bonita very often, but the cliff diving is fun to watch.

Barb said...

I love the bold frames - they look awesome, Kate!

How on earth did I miss this post . . .?