17 August 2010

in brief

Monday: Went to Pavlosk. Had a lovely day. "I am just so happy to be feeding ducks." Did take photos...will post. (I know I posted photos of the last time I went..but can't find that post.)

Today: Went to amusement park. Decided rides in the park are only amusing if you have physiological "fear" reaction while knowing you are really safe. When you think you might not be safe, it's not amusing.

Tomorrow: School for me.


J. said...

We start school tomorrow as well, but for us, summer is still here for another 6 weeks!

Lindy D. said...

School already? I hope that Lexi will have a good school experience this year. How nice that Lexi can find happiness in the simple things... like feeding ducks.

Unknown said...

Don't really have a comment about your post...but the quote showing when I stopped by was Horton. ;-)

Oahu Mom said...

Great way to put it about the rides! :)