09 February 2011

seriously? again?

newly returned car got a flat tire on the way home--so flat it's falling off the rim. which, actually, might not be a flat but something like an exploded tire.

there is no aaa (which you'd better BELIEVE i'm counting as a neccesity and not the luxury i'd categorized it while doing the acting thing).

i don't know how to change a flat. maybe i did once...

it's. still. snowing.

so we left the car and walked home.

today they....towed it. nach.

and i don't know where. nach.

seriously? come on. i've only got five more months. can't i be worry-free on the car front for five months?

having to body check everyone as we trudged home on the one-person-wide semi-cleared slush-path--because they shove my seven-year-old out of their way if i don't--made me wonder how many final straws there can be.


beckyww said...


Jim said...

Yes, you are definitely "done" with Russia. I'm glad you at least have the end of your stay in sight.

june said...

and once again I am very thankful to live in the land of CAA. Even *I* can't find your car stories amusing any more!!