10 June 2011


remember when i said that much like living in russia, leaving russia wasn't going to be easy?

the packers have our pack-out date written down a week later. on june 20. when we're flying to the U.S.

they are very cross, blaming me--as is customary when you're caught in a mistake here, and not optimistic about a change.

it will be changed. it must be changed.

just another goblin.


Maura said...

Arghghghgh. Kate, you've been put through so much in your time there - seems so unfair that the incompetence is going right up to the last second and beyond.

Deep breath, firm stance, counting down.

Jim said...

Hmph. Sounds like someone is looking for an expedite fee.


Punch away at that goblin.

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

I love the word cross. I'm going to start using it more :)

Praying for you!!!