05 June 2011

survival mode

You know that place, international AP's, where nothing really matters except getting home? You are surviving on caffeine, letting your child watch tv, throwing money around like it was confetti at a ticker-tape parade...and you just don't care. That's close to where we are now.

$200 for a pet ticket? Sure. For each cat? No problem. Maybe we'll have to pay for three to appease Air France? Great idea. No food in the house? Eat out.

I'm fighting hard to remember, in the midst of surviving, despite the drama and the boxes and the lists, to keep things simple and calm, to snuggle up and watch the dvd with her when she's allowed too much tv, but I get so antsy! Thirty minutes into American Tail and I'm up and emptying the drier, sorting through books... I am making a conscious effort to just slow down while she's awake and be as calm and as centered as possible.

A calm-and-centered Kate is made much more difficult by the unpleasantness at school, but I'm trying.

BIG week at school, the car begins its deregistration process tomorrow (I think), the vet is coming tomorrow for his second visit (had their vaccinations and now Mia needs to be microchipped), Saturday is the school bar-be-que, Sunday is a big second grade party, and the packers come next Monday.

After Monday I may only have internet access from school, so don't be surprised if we go radio silent.

Two more weeks. I can do anything for two weeks. Right?


june said...

You can do it! Home stretch! Head down & power through!

(And I'm guessing that "the car begins its deregistration process" is not as simple as just removing plates and slapping them on someone's desk. Sigh.)

The Accidental Mommy said...

You CAN do anything for 2 weeks. IMO you should wait to blast anyone/everyone until after you get what you need. No sense muddying things up at the very end. Aim and fire after.
You have been so busy! WOW! I hope Lexi is doing okay, I'm sure this is hard for you both. For us, small changes earn a wango tango. Big changes earn stellar behavior that crashes soon after.
I'll be crossing my fingers for the cats and your stuff and everything else for you guys!

yjwebers said...

Lexi will not be harmed by too much tv for 2 weeks. Hang in there!!
Love, Nif

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

You can definitely do this!

Boy, if 2 weeks can feel like a long stint sometimes though :(



Debbie said...

Getting closer all the time--hang in there!!!

Unknown said...

"You know that place, international AP's, where nothing really matters except getting home?" - yes, YES! Sad thing is I remember that feeling ALL TOO WELL (and it was over a year ago!) It's like you are too exhausted to argue with the INSANE prices on things that seem to pop up from nowhere. And everything seems to be another $200...