18 January 2009

add to your agenda

The meeting will please come to order.

Roll call: friends? family? bloggerdom?

Old business: The most recent old business is the poor showing by caseworker at new agency and the request for two documents from a Russian sw employed by the municipality. These two documents require all my previously compiled dossier documents.

On the agenda today: Collective hope. We are all going to hope that simply presenting my dossier (which I finally convinced new agency to dhl me) to the sw will be sufficient for her to review and recommend me and agree to do my ppr's. Yes, we have review and recommendation and ppr commitments from US agency and sw. Don't be distracted by that. Just focus on a quick and easy process with the Russian sw. Touch wood, it will be as easy as the home visit was.

All in favour?

Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.


Nicole said...

in favour!

I look forward to reading about your journey.

(And you probably hear this all the time but it's so cool you actually live in Russia!)

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

Ok, so that I am clear, you had an updated hs from the US then you had to get one from a russian sw. This social worker asked for, basically your whole dossier. You have given that??
If I am right you are waiting on the Russian sw to accept the dossier so that you can get an Approved Russian Home Study? And then you can get registered??
Will you be registered in St. Peterburg correct?
I have gone back to read old entries to your blog, but I am confused...Whatever the case, I say you will be all registered in February...Done, end of story!

Rachael said...


(and fingers crossed for good measure.)

kate said...

J-I have had two US homestudies where the sw came here. Now new agency's rep says that I need three letters from the municipality here. (No other ex-pat has had to do this.) The confusing part is that originally I only needed one letter--which I got. They didn't tell me about the other two until late December. To get one of the other two letters I have to submit ALL the same paperwork I submitted for my dossier. So, I asked them (umm...demanded them) to send me my translated dossier. I'll give that to the Russian sw and she will write the letters. We hope. We HOPE!

I will not be registered in St. P. Short story, but full of rumour and conjecture and educated guesses. E-mail if you want to hear. It's not good for a public blog.

kate said...

Sorry, new reader. Maybe I need to do a re-cap. But it's all just paperwork and hoop-jumping. They're just really odd hoops...and there are lots of them.

Tami said...


emjay said...

AYE, already! Let the Russian SW review the dossier and do her thing!

Andrea said...

And the ayes have it. Motion carried? ;)

I will be following closely in hopes of an update! And just think what fantastic thigh muscles you will develop jumping through all these crazy HOOPS!

(it gives me the most childish giggles to think that d2b could get to grow up watching the Sarah Jane Adventures. Don't mind me, silly things give me the giggles!)

Suzanne said...

Hear! Hear!

Tina in CT said...

Hope it moves smoothly along!

Jim said...

I still smile a little (wryly, of course) every time I read something like this on your blog. I can't help but remember that one your motivations for moving there was because you expected it to make the process easier and shorter. But I guess that is part of the riddle of Russia, isn't it?

Still praying for you!

kim said...


Debbie B said...

It's all just so confusing but I'm glad that things are moving. Praying they keep moving and you get d2b home very soon.

Sorry about her welcome new American letter.