21 January 2009

lost! again

Do you know what my Sawyer nickname is? "Deepdish" I kinda like it. ;> And speaking of Sawyer, according to votemom's quiz:

You Are Sawyer

You are cunning and calculating. Some people would even call you a con artist.
You're smart and get bored easily. You use your biting sense of humor to entertain yourself.

It's been hard for you to trust people throughout your life. You don't get close to anyone.

You are a drifter. You don't have permanent ties, and you tend to "disappear" often.

You are introverted and even a bit shy. You don't share the true you with many people.

As a result, no one really gets you. At your core, you are a sweet, passionate, and funny person.

Who Are You on LOST?

The nice thing about watching it here is that Lost! is a Friday night show for us. While we're at school on Friday morning, the dvr is humming away (or, some friends' computer is downloading it from iTunes). We leave school and are able to lose ourselves in the weekend. Enjoy!


kim said...

Anna talks about watching it a lot in Russia, but I have never seen an episode.

Anonymous said...

I am Sun! She sounds like a good one. Have to say that I had to laugh a bit to myself there Sis, when i read about Sawyer. I can see it.

Love you! Amy V