31 May 2009

'sall i got

had an e-mail telling me that it had been so long between posts that the e-mailer was having withdrawl. in case anyone else is, here's how i answered:

there's just no news.

and i had a person staying with me (from my single russian moms group online) while she was here for court.

and i have a cold.

and i stepped on a tin can and split my toe. (don't ask)

so that's news...but it's not the NEWS that everyone wants.

and i won't have that for two more weeks. even though i tell people it's a blind region, they think i'm holding out. they keep asking. and i just. don't. know.

i have most of my pre-court paperwork either taken care of or lined up to be taken care of...so now i just get healthy, heal, pack and go. well, maybe shop a little, too.

oh--after all my year-end assessments and report cards...and multiple field trips...and a bake sale tomorrow and a flea market on saturday....sports day next week and an early end-of-year party....(i am sad to be missing the last week of school with my kiddos. i feel like i'm abandoning them. it's always an important time, but for third culture kids, it's especially important. so i'm trying to squeeze all that good relational stuff in to send them off strong, confident and happy and finish up all our academics without my students feeling hurried or anxious. i'll tell them (and their parents and the rest of our school staff) tuesday that i'll be leaving early.)

maybe i should just post this!

so i did. ;>


Allison B said...

LOL--3 days without a post, and someone's complaining that it's too long? I'm sure you're even more anxious than the rest of us to know something, and have something to post. I know I'm counting the days!

Hope your cold goes away and your toe heals fast!

votemom said...

hope you are updated on your tetanus shot.

thinking of you every single day. and of her.

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

Be honest, how many times have your searched usynovite.ru???
I have taken a peek myself and think I have a good idea who it is!
Are you going to push your agency for a birth month?

Tina in CT said...

I just went to the website that JoJo mentioned but all I saw was information for adoptive parents.

You poor girl - cut toe and a cold. Hope your tetnus shot is current.

It's good that you will be so busy at scool as it'll make the time go by quicker for you until you travel.

We all are anxious to hear your news but I'm sure you'll blog to keep us updated when you have something to report. Hang in there!

Rachael said...

Over a thousand days of suspense and now the wheels are finally turning, so of course, we are hanging on your every word right now! =)

I think I speak for many when I say, you best periodically just slap something up, just to appease, even if it's just a "still 'sall I got" kinda thing.

habeshachild said...

OUCH on the toe.
and BLECH on the no news.
but thanks for keeping us posted anyway. :-)

kate said...


And it's BLIND. So, I'm not going to ask for anything.

Anonymous said...

Still yelling "AAAHHHHH" from Iowa. I have June 15 on my calendar and KNOW that you will blog all about it as soon as you can.
Love You (AND d2b too),

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...


Annie said...

I know where you are at. Waiting. That's all you can do. And carry on with life as though the BIGGEST THING EVER is not just ahead of you. Quite something to accomplish, but there's no way out but through it.

You haven't got every face on that website memorized?????? Wow. You have inner fiber!

Heidi said...

Sit and wait. Sit and wait. Oh, how I remember this part. I think I ran around in circles during this part of the wait, jumping when the phone rang, starring at it when it didn't, checking email one trillion times a day... nothing to do but wait.
So, heal your toe and your health, nothing else to do but wait.
Oh, yes... remember to breath, and often!

Chad and Sarah said...

I know right....the angry blog mob will turn on you if they think you are holding out on information or if you aren't updating to their likings! Ha Ha! I have one suscriber that doesn't like my serious posts, he only wants funny ones. You and I both know this is not all fun and games.....but with great power comes great responsibility!
Take care, get back to 100%(toe and illness) and tell people all the silly stuff you think no one in their right mind would care about....because I think they do. Everyone is rooting for you, Kate and d2b!

McMary said...

Wow--3 days is not long in blogger land.
You are so busy with your kids at school that the two weeks will just fly by.
Thinking of you.

Room to Grow said...

I'm with Rachel. We are just too excited for you!

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...


Susan said...

Hey, can we get a cool shot of that toe?? :-)~

JennStar said...

Totally a seperate note- I thought of you while I was looking at the Target sales circular. Sony now has a digital reader- wonder what their warrenty is???