20 June 2009

slideshow help?

I have a slideshow, created on my mac in iPhoto that is saved as a Quicktime .mov file. I'd like to upload it using blogger's video button, but can't figure out how. It just says it's loading FOR.EV.ER.

Any help out there?


Debbie B said...

How long is it? They do take forever to load. At some point it tells you that you can save the post and then you can close it and come back later to post it.

Lauri said...

blogger takes forever to load video's.... can you upload it to you tube and then embed it in your post?

Rachael said...

I thought blogger video was broken because it always took forever and ever and so I've never used it. But when in Moscow, Tamara informed me this is norm. It can take 20 minutes or so to upload a short video.

I upload videos to You Tube and then cut and paste the code. Much faster. (Or Photobucket will work too for slideshows.)

LOVE the new header. Yeah, you are ON the bus!!!

Annie said...

You are so cute and clever with your new header.

If you don't figure out the slide show thing I might burst.

Melissa said...

I use Google video, which has an option to keep your video as "unlisted" (not private, just unsearchable). The online version of the uploader is fairly quick, but if the video is a certain size or larger, they have a software that you can use - sort of like an FTP uploader, I guess. That's the way I usually upload my videos.

Tina in CT said...

Love Annie's comment!

I also love periwinkle and hope D2B does too. After living in an orphage, she will love everything that you have for her and think she's the luckiest little girl.

Will the clothes that you have been collecting fit her?

Remember that there are things from Katya and Natalia in Moscow that my daughter saved for you. You guys have to connect.