24 July 2009

The best part about visiting Sasha is that I don't have to do anything other than that--visit Sasha. I don't have to think about anything, track down anything, stamp anything.

Today I finished every pre-trip thing that needed doing outside of the house. I started off at the post office. Two days ago I'd gone to my local post office and asked if I had any packages, if they had any "chits" for me. (We used that word in Tennessee to mean the same thing it does here--a little piece of paper.) It's a little like being in college. You hear from the mailroom that you have a package and then you have to collect your package. Same thing here. You get a stamped chit to take with you to claim your package--after you fill in details on the back. The Russian post used to deliver the chits to your address but now, I'm told (and I partly believe--but it's coming from the same people who told me the post office was open unpredictable hours. Well, they are open different hours on different days. But the schedule is posted on the door! And, from what I've seen, it's accurate.) you have to go and ask for them in person.

They gave me four chits. I got all excited because I had four packages. Four! I knew one was full of...foundation garments that Ann Marie had forwarded to me. But I had no idea what the other three could be.

Today I drove to the package post office (the same thing was true when I lived in the UK) and presented my chits. Fortunately for me, the person in line in front of me was very nice and helped me fill them out. It turned out they were four reminders to pick up one package. Ah, well. This was shipped on 30 May and I finally have it! Believe me when I say I needed this package. That's a great start to errands.

I tried to buy printer ink and a video camera at a local store, but they had neither.

I picked up my travel permission from the consulate and my medical reports from the clinic.

I braved a trip to Mega, stopping on the way to purchase a glider (assembled--and the boys loaded it into my car for me). At Mega I got a video camera that is promised to be Mac compatible, dollars and rubles for my trip, cat food and litter, and some bits and bobs that were needed in varying degrees. I even picked up two roasted chicken breasts and a sort of scalloped potatoes for meals over the weekend.

The best part of this is that tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere! I'm going to pleat a jumper to smock on the journey (my first machine pleating--my the force be with me) because last time my mind wouldn't settle enough to read. I might also get a slipcover sewn. And I'll get things tidied up and ready to go. All of which can be done in pajamas. That in itself is the making of a very good day!

Hope your weekend starts as fortuitously! I'll "see" you all at my shower if not before.