24 July 2009

for the beach bums

And there are many of you reading! ;>

I think there may have been a misunderstanding two posts back in a parenthetical statement. Please read what I actually wrote before you start waxing lyrical about the charms of the beach that I'll be "denying" my daughter.

I never said I wouldn't take Sasha to the beach.

I said that *I* have never had any desire to go to Hawaii.

And I still don't. It holds no charms for me--which is why I find it ironic that I, of all people, may be headed there. Me--not the person who has yearned for luaus and leis and an island paradise and now finally has the perfect justification for spending the money to make that trip.

That's why I even mentioned it. Irony.

So, please note: Just because I don't like something doesn't mean that I won't experience it with Sasha. She might love it! That goes for foods, places, music... I would never presume to limit her world based on my own likes and dislikes, which are fairly decided. We are different people. I don't think a child should be a clone. Letting her discover who she is and what she likes is one of the things I am most looking forward to in the upcoming years.

Thanks. Hope you have lovely days full of hot, sandy fun and that no things touch you while you're swimming.