06 July 2009

have, need, like

Let me just clarify, especially before this post, that *I* am not a chronic pain in the neck. I *have* a chronic pain in the neck. ;>

Do you know that Ann Marie first came up with the virtual shower idea while she was here in St. Petersburg meeting her little one? And now Alexander isn't so little...and he's been home for two years!

I'm so grateful to Ann Marie and Debbie for organizing my shower. (Ummm, you're all invited. Check here for news. But I'm not. Checking there.) I was so excited about registering for my shower. I didn't have a bridal shower, wedding shower, housewarming shower...or any shower (that didn't involve water) so this was exciting. I had images of me with the gun zapping items in Target.

Instead, I got completely overwhelmed. My good friend Julie got online with me and got overwhelmed as well. We couldn't find things that I needed and would be easy to ship to Russia.

So, rather than "register" Debbie suggested I let you know what we have (maybe you'll see some holes...and everyone keeps asking) what we need (that I'll be buying here because it's just too heavy to ship) and what we like. I'll give you some guidelines and turn you loose. While my friends (um, Kerry--who always gets me the perfect gifts) tell me I'm hard to shop for, I think, like Sally Albright (to whom I've been compared, oh, once or twice. every day.) that I just know what I like.

Harry: There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.
Sally: Which one am I?
Harry: You're the worst kind; you're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance.
Sally: I don't see that.
Harry: You don't see that? "Waiter, I'll begin with a house salad, but I don't want the regular dressing. I'll have the balsamic vinegar and oil, but on the side. And then the salmon with the mustard sauce, but I want the mustard sauce on the side." On-the-side is a very big thing for you.
Sally: Well, I just want it the way I want it.
Harry: I know; high maintenance.

Oi. The have is long. Let's do it backwards. Let's start with like:

I like natural products and fibers, not synthetics.
I like Sasha in winter colors (I think... but I'm a winter so I may be biased). Cool colors, jewel tones...not pastels and not warm colors. No peaches and yellows. Cool, deep red was great.
Sasha likes dresses (me, too) and hearts and stickers and puzzles.
I like many of the clothes by Hanna Andersson (but not their fall preview) and Mini Boden.
I like little girls to look like little girls.

I don't like Disney.
I don't like *any* characters.
I don't like logos.
I'm not keen on electronics.
I don't like markers.
I don't like "prostitot" clothing.
I don't like frilly and fussy.
I don't like light-up shoes.

If you're desperate to buy something to send, let me think.
If you long to buy little girl clothes, I understand completely. ;>
Please don't buy us anything smaller than a size 120 or 7.

I found a few things on Amazon and made a wish list.
We could use some more bath toys.
I like the Fisher Price Noah's Ark--if Mrs. Noah is there.
There are lots of animals to go with them.
The nativity set might be good.
We could use some 12-24 piece puzzles.
Alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes...
a potholder loom and loops
simple craft items
jump rope
hats and gloves and mittens and scarves

Trips to the circus, zoo, oceanarium, puppet theatre, etc.

There are a few things we still need:
A rocking chair (very hard to find here)
baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups (for therapeutic play)
a mini trampoline
a bike
roller blades
helmet and pads
shoes (I don't want to buy them until she's home. Feet grow so fast!)
winter coat
an easel
water colors
kid cd or mp3 player

Sasha has:
a bed and dresser
linens (sheet sets, towels sets, comforter, duvets)
short- and long-sleeved dresses (about 30 in sizes 100-110 alone)
pants, jeans, sweat pants
long- and short-sleeved t-shirts, tops
cardigans, sweaters
lots of underwear (about 30 pairs each of sizes 4-6 and 6-8)
socks, tights, camisoles
pajamas and slippers
a possible winter coat, but I think it will be too small
a futon couch (that I need to recover)
stuffed animals (so many already!)
a bitty baby from American girl
a cradle for her toys
games (candyland, chutes and ladders, sorry, jenga, memory, parcheesi, some russian games, jack straws)
some puzzles
a brio-like train set from ikea
a floor mat that has roads to drive on
a car and tow truck (;>)
play dishes
wooden blocks
lacing cards
wooden farm animal stringing beads (big hit on trip one)
cards: uno, alphabet flash cards
lots of board books and picture books
coloring books and stickerbooks
crayons and colored pencils
finger paint
bead kit, craft kits to make slippers, purse, picture frame
fairy wings and a tiara
pattern blocks
a make-it bake-it butterfly
princess leia (polly pocket size w/ clothes)
another little 4" doll
foam shapes and pon poms and glitter
play dough (and a mama who knows how to make it)
play clock
dvd's, mostly sesame street and veggietales
cd's: Steve Green, Raffi, Jim Valley, Peter, Paul and Mommy, Kenny Loggins, Little Einstein (from Rachael), a Russian one that is too rocky-poppy, some books on cd
toothbrush, flouride rinse
hairbrush, comb, clips, headbands
ponytail holders, and some ribbons (won't need for a while)
tylenol, motrin, advil, benedryl, triaminic
neosporin, band-aids
lotions, bubble bath
a mama kit (from julianne) with first aid-y things
a wooden adjustable-height chair
a car seat
plastic cups, plates, and bowls; little forks
two cats

Does that help?
Any questions, fire away!

I'm excited and overwhelmed at the amount of joy that is being shared because of my little d2b. I'm really looking forward to my shower! Let's eat, drink and be merry. Come rejoice with this one who is rejoicing.


Barb said...

Are you going to be shopping for any of this stuff in Helsinki with me? Or will it only be a pampering trip? ;-)

kristin said...

Hi Kate! I didn't see any "dress-up" type clothing/play! I know Klaire loved to play dress-up. That might be a good idea. I can't wait for the shower! That is one thing I missed when we got Klaire!

votemom said...

are you talking about a rocking chair for you to sit in and hold her and rock??

Kerry said...

Kate, how much of your "idea" list can you get where you are? Or were those all ideas that would have to be shipped?

kate said...

vote--yes, a big rocking chair for me to rock her, not a toy one

kerry--umm...which is the idea list? The Amazon stuff? That was if people wanted to buy and ship. The neeed list are things that I will buy here...or in Helsinki with Barb.

Annie said...

What fun....except, we all want to really be there with our gifts from around the world, wrapped and in our hands.

Yes; your d2b is giving joy already.

I never had a shower either, but it's too late for me. I'm glad you're getting one!

Amy V said...

Retail therapy! It is a wonderful thing! I can't believe that you have so much! That is great! Now what to send....

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

You crack me up. That "Don't like" list looks like my kids Christmas list!!
Hopefully, Tinkerbell, American Girl, Littlest Pet Shop won't enter your radar, but it is hard to keep it from entering the radar in the US. And considering we spend our summer in Florida, we go Disney Crazy in July and August!
AND as a crafty kindy teacher, what's the beef with markers????
:) :) :) :)

Annie said...

I can proudly say I "protected" my first set of children from Disney. I just couldn't BELIEVE there were children who never got to experience the wonderful, mysterious, spooky beauty of The Beauty and the Beast, for example....or the heart-rending trials and tribulations of the original Cinderella...but only got the candy-fluff version. Unfortunately, my Russian children - to my dismay - came pre-inculcated. I was SOOOO disappointed!

The Monroe 6 said...

LOVE your list!
Made me laugh out loud!
We could totally be BFF's!!! ;)

MMrussianadoption said...

I never had a shower either. My parents made me register and we never ended up having a shower. I felt a little gypt, but the main thing is getting them home. I hope you get everything you need.