23 July 2009

Let's see...

I loaded orphanage donations from home and school, drove them to V, and unloaded them there. She looked at a picture of Sasha and cooed, "She looks just like you!"
"Nooo," I told her, laughing. "Do you really think so?"
"No," she sighed. "Dark. Dark eyes, dark hair."
"So not like me. But beautiful!"
"Yes. Beautiful."

A little revealing, no?

Then I had both my eight-doctor and regional medicals done. They can be picked up tomorrow. Piece. of. cake.

I let the clinic know that I was not best pleased over their financial practices (they charged my debit card over $1000 without telling me last May, saying my insurance isn't paying...and then took forever--well, until today--to get me a receipt so that I can file that claim. And, they misquoted my price today. It was only 500r different, but after that last encounter I wasn't happy. AND they asked me to prove what time I called so they could listen to the recording.) and then went to pick up my notarized translation. I went back to school and scanned it to my sw and then went home.

While the clinic was at fault, I could tell that some food (hadn't eaten yet and it was 1.30), sleep and maybe some St. John's Wort were needed.

I ate some tuna/peas/egg/pasta salad and then crashed--one of those dead sleeps where you just.don't.move for hours. Three, this time, before I dragged myself into consciousness. I have sort of a sleep hangover now.

So...productive. Everything that must be done before Sunday has been done. The rest are just non-essential errands.