15 September 2006

little things

I was once given a notepad that said, "Teachers make the little things count." This made me laugh hysterically. Seeing past the Hallmarky-sap, I immediately saw myself bellowing to a class of monsters, "Count, you little THINGS!"

There are two little things (of the non-monstrous variety) that have made my day. BBC Prime is up and running. Target will ship to APO addresses. (Julie said to me once--quite insightfully--about life in Russia: "No Target. You are a true pioneer.")

So, now my tv speaks English (although I find that Top Gear is on WAY too often for my taste...) and I can go to Target, where Lara says the sun always shines.

Hope this little post about the little things in my life makes you appreciate the little things in yours!


Suz said...

Yay for english speaking TV and Target! My friend Amy was a missionary there and she missed peanut butter and Little Debbies Oatmeal Cream cookies. I still think every now and then, I need to send her some peanut butter and Little Debbies but then I remember, oh yeah, she's in America now - she can get her own!

I'm glad you've got a little bit of the comfort stuff now!

U.N. Mama said...

Hey Kate! NO Wal-mart yet, right? I know they had posted in the St. Pete Times that Wal-mart was coming. I cut out the ad and posted it on my bulletin board to brighten up my day! ha ha

Note to Suz: Target is not actually there. They can send to APO addresses now.

El Paso said...

Happy Birthday!

Lauri said...

Oh My.... I love target... You will have fun shopping at target online.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate- hoping you had some other updates ;) - but Target is a good thing - they have great stuff for kids! Think positive!!!

ps - Good luck with the vinegar!