07 September 2006


Thanks M & S (no, not Marks & Sparks) for the vinegar tip. Will it make my clothes smell like vinegar? Do I wash them again afterwards to get rid of the vinegar smell? How much do I put in? I have a front loading washing machine. Do I put the vinegar in the bleach compartment?

I'm thrilled to have a possible solution! I'll share it with the American teacher I was talking to AND with the the Scottish teacher who brought up the subject today. See what exciting lives we ex-pats live?



Anonymous said...

If you've got the front-loader with the compartmentalized tray (love mine), you should put it in the fabric softner section instead of fabric softner, and if you can, put the load through an extra rinse cycle. I also have used half my normal detergent and filled the rest of the dispenser with Febreze. It works better than the detergent that already has the Febreze mixed in (stronger). The vinegar works well if you ever accidentally leave clothes in the washing machine for an extended period of time and they develop that mildew smell. And, no. You won't walk around smelling like vinegar-soaked french fry. Coincedentally, vinegar is like the miracle product. It can be used for all sorts of laudry and cleaning needs. My coworker said it works great on getting soap scum off shower floors (lay vinegar-soaked white paper towel on the shower floor overnight and you should be able to wipe the soap scum off easily the next morning). I won't go into any more "miracle uses", because then this would turn into a vinegar blog, and that would be weird. --devon

Maggie said...

I did an extra rinse cycle too, just to be sure. Just make sure you use white vinegar!

votemom said...

yep, white vinegar in the rinse cycle. i would start with 1/2 cup and see what results you get. i hope it works for you!!

votemom said...

i've always wondered why you are called an "ex-pat" (short for ex-patriot?) if you are living in another country. do tell.