24 October 2006

Peter Pan

was, of course, a huge crowd-pleaser. It wasn't as good as last year's "Wizard of Oz", but most people preferred this production. It had more songs and less text.

Here are the cosutmes I made (without benefit of patterns which is always a gamble). They were definitely costumes--meant to last one performance. Wendy's nightgown turned out well (and got me a huge hug from our Wendy) and met my biggest criteria--I didn't have to hem anything!

I didn't make Hook's entire cossie--only the trousers and the frills. Here she is with Smee.

Here's Wendy telling stories to the lost children.

I painted and fringed Tiger Liy's costume (and supervised kids' painting the other Indians). She is our Dorothy from last year. Please note that the cast on one Indian's arm was not my doing either!

And here's Peter (whose costume I was pleased with--fabric from Mom and designed by me) with the lost children. Unfortunately, ALL the photos of Peter are blurred b/c she is never still! Isn't our John Michael (not enough little boys for us to have a John and a Michael) a cutie? He was a HUGE hit with our Russian audience. They all whipped out their mobiles and took pix of him after the show.


Deb said...

The costumes look great. Glad they all turned out.

Julie H. said...

Been so long since I posted. Everything looked great in Peter Pan. Hope to talk soon.

6blessings said...

Super costumes! It looks like it was an awesome performance. What talent you have.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are one creative woman. Congrats on getting the play done. Hope you have a great week! I'll be praying for you Thursday. Something is on its way to you.

Your SECRET blog pal.

Betsy said...

Great job! The kids will remember that for the rest of their lives!

Maggie said...

Well done, you. Everything looks great. The kids look like they really got into it, too.

votemom said...

wow! i'm impressed!!

Suz said...

Wow, it looks great! You did well on the costumes too.

So, it's 1:08 a.m. there (I think) and from what I understand you'll go to committee "today?"

Let us know!