05 October 2006


Today I checked my mailbox. This may not sound like blog-worthy news. This may sound like I'm realllly scraping the bottom of the topic barrel. But, the thing is, I don't receive any local post. All my post arrives at school via the consulate.

I have checked the mailbox before. I've collected bills for my landlord twice and found an IKEA catalogue mass-mailed once. But, generally, I just pass it by and make my way upstairs.

I've been thinking, fleetingly, ever since I filed my I600A in Moscow that I should call and let them know that my physical address is not my mailing address. I've thought that I should check and see if anything is in there. But, I haven't acted.

Today I checked my mailbox. In it, there was a letter! It was addressed to me, in Russian. The only English were the words THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and below that, a bit smaller, OFFICIAL BUSINESS. I opened and my eyes darted all over the page. (Being a methodical person, one who never reads the end of the book first, this was not my usual mode of reading.) They landed on the bold, capitalized print that said, "NOTICE OF FAVORABLE DETERMINATION CONCERNING APPLICATION FOR ADVANCE PROCESSING OF ORPHAN PETITION".

I was suddenly in the middle of a joy bubble, covered in sunlight, buoyed up by hope. I felt a bit like Sally Field when she delivered her famous, "You like me" acceptance speech. Someone has approved me for adoption! My country is behind me! THEY approve me!

I'm hoping this is the start of good things to come, the ending of the impasse. Thanks for sharing the beginning of the end.


Deb said...

Wonderful news. Congratz!

Maggie said...

Yay! You've received the holy grail of adoption preparation!

Anonymous said...

Poz-drav-ly-u! (or as we say in the South - "wooo-hoooo!") I remember that feeling! Onward and upward!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that at least one area of your life is looking positive now :).

U.N. Mama said...

Yippeee! Kate, I'm so glad to hear it! Each step in adoption feels great when completed. Glad to be "along for the ride" with you, through your blog.

Suz said...

Great news! How long had it been in there do you think??

Calico Sky said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!
Congratulations, I am so very very happy for you!!!!
(thanks for your message on your blog, I would love some expat help, glad to hear I am not the only one!)

kate said...

Suz--It was postmarked 29 September...and so could have JUST arrived on the day that I felt compelled to check my box. Cool, huh?

Lauri said...

whooooo congrats... you can cross that off your list. Thats a big step