02 February 2007

i dreamed a dream

Hmmm...maybe I ought to've titled every post with a musical theatre reference...

The night before last I dreamt that I was at my first referral meeting. The MoE had sent me to the children's home by myself. V & N were supposed to meet me there later. I met the little girl referred to me, who was about 6. She was very round-faced with a square, white-blonde bob. She looked Scandinavian or German. She was the life and soul of the children's home and chattered away in English. Everyone was gathered around paying court. And I didn't want to take her home. I wanted to take home the sad little waif (who may have had a sister but that part is fuzzy) being overlooked by everyone. I can't remember now what she looked like, but I know her picture is still somewhere in my head. I was trying to sneak away without accepting the first referral. I felt badly, but just knew that the first child was too...jolly. I was saying to a worker that surely another family would want to adopt her because she spoke excellent English. The worker, full of contempt for my ignorance, replied that all the children and workers in orphanages spoke English.

Strange, huh?

I've got an appointment on Wednesday to do the notarizing. My friend arranged to replace the document the agency lost. The agency agreement that was sent to the wrong office was tracked down. And, the facilitators said to wait to replace the check they lost until the final apostilling costs are in.

Too smooth. V thinks the hs is lacking in clarity. He sent his concerns to the facilitators. If they ask my sw for more changes, she may flip.

Stay tuned.


Calico Sky said...

Let's hope you are a step closer to your daughter soon.
Adoption dreams are quite incredible!

votemom said...

amazingly, i only had 3 adoption dreams in the 3 yr journey to adopt sasha and yuri.

it would seem like one would be dreaming about russia and adoption and orphans constantly since it's such an emotionally intense experience.

the one dream i don't think i will ever forget. i could literally FEEL yuri in my arms for weeks afterwards.... and could hear the voice of the orphanage worker calling "hurry, run, take him, before it's too late!"


Jenni said...

That was some dream! Interesting how your subconscious is hinting at what kind of child you want to raise (and perhaps reflecting what you know about potential attachment issues).

I had a lot of adoption dreams too, mostly involving twin boys from Latin America. Strange.

Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Somewhere deep inside you already know your daughter. That's pretty cool.

p.s. Thanks for the title. Now I'm going to be singing Les Mis songs all night long.

6blessings said...

Interesting dreams. I hope it is a sign of things to come soon. I can't wait to hear what your daughter is like. I hope things keep rolling along.

Melissa said...

I can't believe your agency lost such important papers and your check.

Did you ever see that video someone put up of that guy who dreamed of a girl in Russia who he had never met and went about finding her and bringing her home with just a sketch they drew up based on his dream. That could be you one day.