30 January 2007

name that book

I know--I should save this post for tomorrow. But, suz had a book-tag up on her blog...and I just couldn't resist.

Open the book you're reading to page 123 and share 6-8 sentences. Then, tag three people to share what they're reading. So,

"Offended me! How could you suppose so? Believe me," and Elinor spoke it with the truest sincerity, "nothing could be farther from my intention, than to give you such an idea. Could you have a motive for the trust, that was not honourable and flattering to me?"

"And yet I do assure you," replied Lucy, her little sharp eyes full of meaning, "there seemed to me to be a coldness and displeasure in your manner, that made me quite uncomfortable. I felt sure that you was angry with me; and have been quarrelling with myself ever since, for having took such a liberty as to trouble you with my affairs. But I am very glad to find it was only my own fancy, and that you do not really blame me. If you know what a consolation it was to me to relieve my heart by speaking to you of what I am always thinking of every moment of my life, your compassion would make you overlook everything else I am sure."

"Indeed I can easily believe that it was a very great relief to you, to acknowledge your situation to me, and be assured that you shall never have reason to repent it. Your case is a very unfortunate one; you seem to me to be surrounded with difficulties and you will have need of all your mutual affection to support you under them...."

Yes, you've found me in the middle of one of my all-time favs, Sense and Sensibility. (I was tempted to put up something from Eyre Affair just so those of you who are scared by its "science fiction" genre would try it...or a page from Wodehouse for those who haven't had the joy...but I'm right now I'm re-reading the Austen cannon once again, so had to play fair.)

Now I want to know what you're reading. (I know, I'm a lousy tagger.) Stick your blog in the comments if you take me up on this one!


votemom said...

dynah started to cry, deep wrenching sobs of relief. she heard the scrape of her mother's chair and then felt her mother's arms firm around her. her mother cried with her, holding her and stroking her and saying over and over that it would be all right. everything would be all right.

when dynah was safely tucked into bed and asleep, hannah carey went into her closet and knelt. "oh God! oh God in heaven, why do you still hate me so much? will you never, ever forget what i did?"

she wept. for herself. and for her atonement child, who slept in the room down the hall.

Calico Sky said...

And here I was coming to see if you got my meme tag, oops!

Mine on blog. You picked a GOOD choice :)

Anonymous said...

I just watched (not read, no time for books with baby) "Sense and Sensibility" again recently. So I knew right away what book it was! How fun! Love, Nif