25 January 2007

actually, no

Enough was not said.

The subtitle of this post is "Teaching Alanis a lesson". I was going to title it that, but wanted to be sure that this post made sense with the earlier one about the e-mail I received from my agency. And, only part of it defines "ironic". The rest is just grist for the mill.

I thought, at first that the e-mail I received yesterday was a reply to an e-mail I sent the day before. But, it was actually a reply to requests made 17 November. These requests were not out of the ordinary. I was just requesting that forms they were responsible for (agency's license, agency agreement, guardian letters that were sent to them) be sent to the facilitators.

I got a response saying that they would start on the documents. It also said, in response to an earlier request that the facilitators made for the agecny to contact my sw (got that?), that the facilitators should be dealing directly with my sw. It continued saying the facilitators did an excellent job of managing documents, staying on top of changes, etc. (There's the irony--it came two months late! How on top of things is that?)

Yesterday I simply agreed that it would be best for them to deal directly with my sw, but said they had been reluctant to do that. I thought that was quite self-controlled of me.

Today, I got another e-mail saying that perhaps I should just forward the messages from the facilitators to my sw so that I would stay current on the requests being made (Irony again--so I would stay current?). I explained that my sw didn't feel it was appropriate for me to be requesting changes to my own hs and that I agreed. (I didn't say that often the facilitator's requests are unclear and demanding and that I didn'twant to be in the middle of it.) I said that I appreciated being kept in the loop, but perhaps I could be cc'd on e-mails. I also asked (okay, in a passive-aggressive way) if perhaps this was a problem that had been resolved as the e-mail being replied to was over two months old. Bad of me, I know.

So, the facilitators sat on the hs for 5 months before asking for changes. Now, another month (one of the two overlapped) has passed waiting for the agency to start working on their forms. That's 6 months of my excellent, on-top-of-things agency and facilitators not behaving in what I'd define as an excellent, on-top-of-things manner!

Guess what. Taxes are due and I got a raise this year. Nice, but it means my 1040 won't match my hs and all the financials will have to be re-done again. And, I still haven't heard from the facilitators here about the forms in Russian I need in order to notarize.

Let's introduce some levity here. I think we need a pool on when my papers will be complete, in Russia and translated. Be realistic not optimistic. The closest guess gets...the satisfaction of being right and a post acknowledging said rightness. Any guesses?


6blessings said...

Just catching up a little.

You are still young, otherwise, I'm old too. :-)

November 17! What's up with that?

I like unique, not strange too.

The verse you liked on my blog was the one I also claimed the entire time we were in the adoption process too.

Hang in there. I'm sorry you've had to deal with such junk in this process. It seems like way too much, even for an adoption.

votemom said...

is it a big difference in your financials? if it's minor and it's not a DECREASE, i wouldn't worry about it.

oh, that's right. you're in russia.


Holly said...

Grrrr. I bet you could just scream! I could scream for you! Well, let's see...6 months to basically do nothing. Hmmm, so my guess is that your paperwork should be ready around July. Or at least maybe you'll get a response by then. I wouldn't be so nice anymore. I think I'd ask them if they'd like to pay to update all the paperwork that will expire due to inefficient facilitators. I guess that's a little harsh, but honestly.

Calico Sky said...

Oh Kate, I could scream from Mountain Tops for you. I keep coming back to the fact that one day it will all poof and be together.

Deb said...

Your whole case is so confusing. Sorry you're having to go through all of this and in a forgein country. It just makes it harder.

I would hope and pray that your paperwork is done by mid April. That's only 3 months but I hate to think of it taking any longer than that. I agree with Carrie don't be so nice anymore.

Chris Goeppner said...

I would think that you being in Russia would make things easier and that your paperwork would get done quicker. Guess not. I'm hoping that your paperwork will be complete and submitted in Russia soon. Are you just waiting on your homestudy? Are all your dossier docs done? If I have to guess, I'll guess optimistically. March!
I agree with Carrie and Debbie too, don't let your agency take advantage of you. You're paying good money for their services.

Maggie said...

I couldn't even begin to guess. I get so confused with the agency and the facilitators and the lions and tigers and bears.

Jenni said...

You've had to deal with so many confusing things in this adoption! I can't imagine how you have not pulled all your hair out yet!

I hope things begin to straighten out soon.

I'm going to be optimistic and say your paperwork will be ready by the end of March (8 weeks should be enough, right?).

Anonymous said...

kate, I have to throw in another "what the f@#*?" Will it ever run smoothly?

Jennefer said...

We had the same problem with our agency asking us to tell our homestudy agency to change the homestudy. Of course the homestudy agency did not want to make the changes (which were taking out any religious stuff), but for the most part our adoption agency did deal directly with the homestudy agency which I think all agencies should do, rather than making you the middle man. I think you handled yourself very well, considering.

Another thing- our homestudy financial stuff didn't match our tax records because of a raise and it didn't matter at all. As long as what you have reported in your homestudy is sufficient (according to your agency) to support your child it doesn't matter if you now make more money. It would only matter if your taxes show you made less money than you reported in your homestudy.