22 January 2007

radio shack

You've got questions--we've got answers.

(Well, that was Radio Shack's slogan for awhile. Is it still? See-no pop culture.)

Ann Marie--BBC Prime is like BBC America, but for Europe and Asia. I've no doubt that you already have BBC America. If you don't, shame on you. I'm revoking your anglophile status if that's the case.

**Edited to add: We'll just have to count your lack of BBC America as another adoption-related sacrifice. And that's a BIG one for you.

Debbie--Thanks for the internet idea. Unfortunately, you can only watch if you're in the US. How they know, I'm not sure... A friend here has a sling box. THAT is way cool! It's hooked up through her mom's computer to her computer. She can watch anything that's on at home.

Carrie--The only place I can imagine putting my daughter(s) in school is at St. Peter's Episcopal in Chattanooga, Tennessee. All my college friends are now in hysterics. I was never a big fan of Chattanooga. But, that school is amazing--really warm and loving. I can't imagine going anyplace else. I'm just waiting for them to have an opening so I can apply to go back there.


Anonymous said...

I do not have BBc America, which is a tragedy. It is only available on satellite and we have cable...BUT I do have satellite radio with BBC Radio 1. The music is "eh" but I get the culture and accents. I adore Little Britain and just can't get it here...only when the gay channe; features it. It's just so sad...

Melissa said...

We have BBC America -- I watched something the other day on that channel, but I can't remember what it was...hmmm.... pretty sad, huh?

Tennessee, huh? Chattanooga happens to be not far from where I grew up in Alabama! (Just a bit of trivia about me)

Calico Sky said...

annmarie, I listen to BBC Radio 1, it is hillarious! lol

Kate, I too get sad when it says 'you must be in the USA to watch this video'. But I found you can watch the Today show, 1st hour from each show.