23 January 2007


Until this year, I've always described myself as young. I always say, when describing others, "Oh, s/he's young. She's about my age." This was true when I was 22 and when I was 32 and even last year at 36. But, I realized that I haven't said that in months. Is it because I'm out of my mid-thirties and officially "thirty-something" now? Is it because I'm in Russia where the living is hard and I've aged exponentially? Is it because I'm adopting? Children do make you older. I'm the "youngest" of my friends (who are actually younger than me chronologically) because I'm single and without children. I've always been young-looking, so that figures in here somehow... I still have no greys (touch wood) and few "signs of aging". I don't know what it is, but suddenly I've stopped describing myself as young.

But, I don't know what I am, then. I've quit categorizing the young along with me, but, I'm not old. Not yet. I loathe the term "middle-aged". So, you thirty-somethings...what ARE we?

All this age talk reaffirms that adopting in the 4-6 range (as planned) makes sense. It gives me children the age that they'd be if I'd had them when I thought I'd have them. (Make sense?)

That's all. Nothing earth-shattering. Just an interesting kateish insight. (Well, I thought it was interesting...but years of acting have made me rather self-analytical--an acting term for "self-absorbed".)


Deb said...

I will hit 30 this year. :o(
I just told someone today that someone was my age and it actually felt like a lie since she is a bit younger than me.
But I think you are as old as you act. Not as you feel because that would make me about 80 some days.

Am I rambling?!?!

Calico Sky said...

Kate, great post!! I think when I leave my 30's (nowhere near yet) I will be saying 'in my eternal 30's'

I get what you mean re adopting age 4-6, where you thought you'd be etc. Makes sense to me :-)

Anonymous said...

Kate, I know what you mean. I've got 5 years on you, and it's been a while since I've thought of myself as "young," but I don't identify with "middle-aged," either. Technically, I'm a Baby Boomer (by 5 months). I don't FEEL like a Baby Boomer. Definitely not a Gen-X-er, though. So what AM I???

Glad to know I'm not the only one with these thoughts....

Rhyne & Jake said...

I'm right ther with you sister! Thirty did not bother me, but mid- 30's really does. We're too young to group ourselves with the 40's and too old to still consider ourselves as a late 20 something! I've got an email that I need to send you to bring back "youthful memories"!

Holly said...

Um, just call it 30 something. I have no idea either, but I'm in there too. It's funny how you mentioned adopting an older child so that they are aged about the time you thought you should have had kids...I think exactly the same way!

Anonymous said...

I am just now considering myself a grown up at age 36! Some days it's hard to believe because I feel like we are still 10. Love, Nif