24 January 2007

6 strange things...

Carrie (blog's gone private) tagged me to tell six strange things about myself. However, there is nothing strange about me. There are kateish things that the rest of the world hasn't managed to figure out yet; but I don't think I should be labelled strange just because the world can't keep up. I prefer, unique. Since I'm clearly not strange, I'll share those uniquities. (Like antiquities but from the root "unique".) ;>

1. All my pets have been named for Shakespearian characters.

2. I like standardized tests, diagramming sentences, and correctly using semi-colons.

3. When I'm sleep-deprived my eyes turn from blue-grey to bright green and my pupils contract dramatically.

4. I whistle in instead of out.

5. I have to have the toe seam on my socks straight and all cupboards closed. (There's a whole OC subcategory here, but let's leave it at that.)

6. I've never dreamed that I was flying or that I showed up somewhere naked.

See? Not strange at all. Of course, that's just the tip of the kateish iceberg...

Okay, you unappreciated weirdos out there--tell us six strange or uniquitous (like ubiquitous but from the root "unique") things about you.


Holly said...

Ok, yes #2 is strange! LOL I find nothing odd with whistling in and I've never had that naked dream either.

Jennefer said...

Come on. I don't believe #6. haha

Let's see.

1. One of my pupils are slightly larger than the other and I don't have a brain tumor.

2. Well that is all I can think of right now, but it was a good one wasn't it?

And what's up with your agency?

votemom said...

i love lists like this. but it's going to take me a little time to come up with my list. i know - i'll ask my family. they are always readily available with weird observations about their old mom.

Holly said...

Oh, and I also know the proper use of a semi-colon! ;-) LOL

Chris Goeppner said...

I wish I had some unique things about me I could list, but I'm pretty boring. The only things I can think of are my hair color (red), everyone says that they wish they could bottle my color. It's funny because as a child I hated my hair, I was always teased about it, but now it's probably the only thing that makes me unique. That and the fact that I have extra bones in my mouth called tori, pretty gross huh? You can't see them unless I lift up my tongue. I've heard they're pretty common but I've yet to meet someone else with them-not that I ask everyone I meet.=)

Anonymous said...

Well, Kate, I name my animals after Greco-Romans or Greek gods...and I whistle both in and out, used to eat bowls of sauerkraut as a kid, never had a naked dream and do not shop in stores or eat at restaurants that misuse an apostraphe...for example, a real estate agent near my job advertises "condo's" and at a fair I spotted a sign that read "deep-fried oreo's" Pisses me off...

votemom said...

i asked my boys last night to make a list. here is what they come up with:

1. i like to take walks at night because i can see inside people's houses.
2. i can't fall asleep if my feet are cold.
3. i like to watch dog competitions (i.e. breeder's cup) even tho we don't have a dog.
4. i can't for the life of me properly cook a steak.
5. i can watch birth shows for hours and never get bored.

i personally don't think any of those things are weird, but apparently they are from the perspective of a 12 yr old and 16 yr old boy.

i'm sure my daughter will come up with more! stay tuned.

kate said...

jene, are you sure you don't have a tumor? ;>

penny, extra mouth bones? def strange.

ann marie, I boycott for incorrect grammar, too! Have you read Eats, Shoots and Leaves?

votemom, #1 and #2 on your list are sooo not strange! Not sure about 3-5... Eager to hear your daughter's take.

votemom said...

just got this list from my daughter. she was nicer than i expected ;o)

in my defense, the fish was dying and suffering - i flushed it to end the drama.

1. you bend almost in half when you sneeze
2. you wear a bite splint when you sleep
3. you have one leg shorter than the other
4. you killed the fish named after your daughter
5. you don't like flowers as gifts
6. you are more technologically advanced than most mothers your age

Suzanne said...

"When I'm sleep-deprived my eyes turn from blue-grey to bright green and my pupils contract dramatically. " ME TOO! only I start with grey-green and end up with kelly green.

My unique things:
#1 I fell in love at first sight with my blind date and married him within the year.
#2 We were married in the same house that my mom and dad were married in; this is the same home in which she was raised and still lives.
(Do note the correct use of semi-colon in above sentence.)
#3 I've flown around the world.
#4 I've written a novel.
#5 I had my appendix out the day before moving day thereby completely avoiding all of the work.
#6 My husband saved my father's life.
#7 I have ten pets, only 7 in the house.
#8 I use ketchup and peanut butter to discipline my children.

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a list. I'll have to ask my kids and let you know!
Love, Nif