21 January 2007

no place like it

I've got one English tv channel, for which I'm very grateful. BBC Prime is my only opportunity for "shows". It does put me in a weird time warp, because most of the shows are several years old. That, combined with being out of the US for three years, leaves me feeling a little out of touch with current pop-culture.

Right now there are lots of "lifestyle" programs on BBC Prime. It makes me think about what sort of house I want when I come back. I'm REALLY ready to come back...to be home.

I want something that is relatively close to school. I'd like a two-story house with three bedrooms upstairs. Two baths would be great. Downstairs all I really need is a large living room, a good-sized kitchen and an eating area. I'd rather have it attached to the kitchen than have a separate dining room, I think. I'd love the kitchen to be big enough for a sofa and have a fireplace at the end. A fenced back yard would be a big plus.

I love Tudor houses! I can't live in a ranch-style house. I don't sleep if I'm on street-level.

But, I started feeling several years back when I was really longing for a home that "home" wasn't about a house. It's about who lives there. I can't wait to be home!


Calico Sky said...

Dearest Kate on every level I could have written your post to a T.
I too want the same things in my house and I too can't wait to be HOME!

Deb said...

That's right; home is where the heart is. But when you heart is ready to be somewhere else it sures makes things hard.

About TV... You know if you have a good internet connection you can watch good old American shows without commercials. ABC, CBS, & Fox I think all put a lot of there shows on the web free.

Holly said...

Kate...do you have a place in mind where that house might be? I know, not the point of your post...just wondering. I also am anxious to be back in my own home again (my current house...never felt like home...is up for sale). Acreage, a soaking tub, a walk in closet and good schools are high on my list.

Anonymous said...

I am totally intrigued by your BBC channel. I'm coming over to watch tv...not sure if you're missing anything exciting on the pop culture front -- be thankful! When the time is right, you'll find "home" and it will be fantastic. Then you'll host a huge party and we'll all be over to drop food and drink all over your new carpet. Gotta love the future...

Jenni said...

I hope your homecoming happens soon Kate.