15 May 2007

word nerd

I know that there have been a lot of hopes hung on the word "imminent" in the recent statement issued about accreditation. (see post below)

I thought a little word research was in order. I looked up imminent in a couple of dictionaries, and found the word немиуемыи (which is fun to say--nyemeeOOyemee).

My friend Nadya says this word actually means something you must get around, a crisis you must face.

An online translation from English to Russian gave me неизбежный. But, that translates as "inevitable" in my dictionaries and on the online site.

Interesting, eh? So while we're thinking that accreditation is going to happen very soon, it may actually be a crisis that is inevitable that we face.


votemom said...

it IS a fun word to say. thank you for spelling it out phonetically.

the waiting room can be a very boring, maddening, frustrating place to be stuck.

and yet....

God is there - always at work, even when we can see utterly no evidence.

keep looking into His face.

Rachael said...

Some things just get lost in translation.

Maybe imminent isn't really a word in the russian vocab. at all. I hope that's not the case.

Lisa said...

I really could have gone without that translation, Kate!

Hope you feel better soon.


Calico Sky said...

now that is very interesting!

Deb said...

Well since this wait is a crisis that we all must face... That's interesting.