22 August 2007

world view

Edited because I had a temporary braincloud.

I've been watching Trading Spaces on my slingbox. (I like the new-to-me format of no host.) There's a commercial that is on that I half heard while I was checking something online. (I was probably reading your blog.) It says something to the effect of:

We're all different.
We look different.
We play different games.
We do different things to relax.
But there's one thing we can all agree on...the comforting taste of a peanut butter sandwich.

This CRACKED ME UP! It's such an American stereotype and so true. The rest of the world is puzzled by this foodstuff of ours. They can take it or leave it. Most seem to prefer to leave it. Most of the world doesn't do the whole drinking milk thing either, which I think is the perfect complement to a pb sandwich. Actually, I like a glass of skimmed milk almost anytime. (yeah, big party girl here--so not) But I digress. The topic is the joys of peanut butter.

So, to lighten things up and to keep you reading until there's either exciting cultural or adoption news to report... comment and tell us all how you like your peanut butter.

I like Creamy Jiff
a. with honey
b. on toast
c. with jam (raspberry or apricot these days but I loooove blackberry)
d. grilled with jam (I think grape--or blackberry--jam is the best for this option.)
e. out of the jar (dire emergencies only)


f. on bananas
g. in a pbb (peanut butter & banana) sandwich
h. on sour apples (the apples I've had here are often grainy--ick)
i. I have a GREAT sandwich with mashed bananas mixed with pb, honey and small chopped up apples--yum
j. on bagels or English muffins (I remember those...)
k. I'm sure there are other ways I'm forgetting...
l. I don't like it on celery. Celery cannot be redeemed even by peanut butter in my opinion. I do *not* like celery.

My little newly-from-America girl had a fluffernutter sandwich for lunch today. Not my fav, but it made me smile. She was delighted.


Melissa said...

I am an "all of the above" girl. Except that if I had it with jam, it would be of the strawberry variety.

I was trying to decide what to have for lunch. A grilled PB sandwich sounds divine. Hmmm...thanks for the idea!!

Debi said...

So, I like my peanut butter any.way...when we were in Russia we brought lots of peanut butter and everywhere we went we had some and we shared it with whom ever wanted. Mainly, we took it for our 17 hour train trips in and out of Glazov (which is where the MOST wonderful bread is made). I can still taste it on that fabulous bread...oh to have some of it again...thanks for the memory Kate. A fluffernutter would make me smile in Russia too.

Deb said...

On pancakes!
I had a pbj sandwich today and Dave asked if I'd ever had it with bananas. He informed me that they're great.
Straight out of the jar, in ice cream, cookies, pb pie. I have a great recipe. It's AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

My latest thing is Peanut Butter on a cut up apple. It sounds weird, but it's really good. And I like it on chocolate ice cream too. And also in cookie dough with chocolate chips. Love, Nif

Tami said...

Mmmmmm...I like it with tons of grape jelly. I also LOVE it with apples. A little weird I know, but it's a great snack (and healthy too!). The kids ask for this all the time! Try it...you'll like it!

(Oh, darn! I just saw Anonymous posted the same thing! :)

Melissa said...

I love peanut butter too! In fact if I don't have it for a while, I will crave it. I most often eat peanut butter on toast, really toasted, but not quite burnt toast. I also love creamy Jif on pancakes and celery (not together). Of course chocolate and peanut butter is always a delicious combination...

Rachael said...

Ha, ha. Guess we both had peanut butter on the brain, eh? I've been trying to convince Katya forever to just try it, so you're right, PBJ is monumental. (She still prefers a cheese sandwich).

I like strawberry or apricot jam, or sliced bananas on my peanut butter sandwich. Crunchy or smooth, doesn't matter, but we had to buy both at our house cause the husband likes crunchy and the kids like smooth.

And, you can't beat Reese's peanut butter cups.

6blessings said...

We have both crunchy and creamy in our house. Today the kids took pb with celery. I like it on apples. H's favorite is a pb and banana sandwich.

Loved the classroom pics. It looks like H's bedroom wall. Hope it's going well.

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter and banana, absolutely. Also pb & apple - cut the apple in half, scoop out core, fill with pb. Yum.


Elle said...

ohh Kim (6Blessings) said it best. On Celery. Otherwise I could take it or leave it. Of course the boy and the trusty husband couldn't live without it.

votemom said...

me: peeled apple slices w/ creamy jif, creamy jif with strawberry or grape jam.

hubby: creamy jif with honey sandwiches. he would eat one every day if he could.

great way to get kids to eat bananas (and a good breakfast idea before they head off to school): slice a whole banana, top each little slice with a smear of pb, drizzle with honey, sprinkle with raisins, serve with a tall glass of milk.

here in MI they now sell the little individual cups of jif. i send an entire apple sliced up with one of those almost every day with my youngest son in his school lunch. that's the only way i could ever get a 13 yr old to eat a huge apple daily. he snarfs it down. hooray!

Anonymous said...

my favorite is with fluffernutter! I think it is so yummy, though it does not fill me adequately. My kids all love it that way too.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so stealing this for question of the day!

Calico Sky said...

Yup, totally a North American thing (Canada and US)
lol here, people think you're nuts (pardon the pun!)

plain white bread (this is the ONLY time I eat white bread and its been a year since I last had a PBJ) with skippy smooth or Jiff Smooth (although now I'd rather chose an organic version) with strawberry jam
Glass of milk (semi skimmed) grapes
totally reminds me of having lunch watching Leave it to Beaver!!!

on toast
same type of PB with syrup!

MoscowMom said...

We eat it with cut up apples, too. That's the only way I can get the girls to eat a fresh apple w/o baking it.

Sandwiches? With any jam, really... Sometimes with bananas...

LOVE Ben & Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream. That's one item that I ALWAYS buy when back in the USA.

I remember how oddly a customs official in Moscow looked at me one year when I brought in 6 large (Costco-size large) jars of Jiff... So glad I had a surplus, though--I was able to "come to the rescue" of a pregnant expat friend here with peanut butter cravings--and without the funds to justify spending $12 on a pint of German peanut butter (not very good).

votemom said...

just wanted to report that it is 8:45 a.m. here and i am currently ingesting an english muffin with butter and crunchy jif and a cold glass of milk.

Anonymous said...

This is why I love Kate...I like chunky or creamy Skippy...on whole wheat bread alone or with jam...I remember the day Zach had a PB & J sandwich. WHOA. It's up there with prime rib.

Anonymous said...

I love a pb sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk. I like it with a thin coating of jelly, but dh likes thick jelly on his. And he always eats chicken noodle soup with pbj Ritz crackers which sounds all wrong to me.

I just fed my 16 month old pb for the 1st time this week and we wound up in anaphylactic shock - peanut allergy!! He responded well to the epinepherine and is fine, but I threw out all the potential peanut products in the kitchen. This stinks!

Lisa said...

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't know what fluffernutter is? Somebody fill me in?!

votemom said...

it's a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow fluff (the kind that comes in a jar and is very, very tough to spread on bread!)

Suzanne said...

fluffernutter . . . ewwwwww

My favorite place for peanut butter is in cookie dough or on apple slices.

*ks* said...

well, I should go ahead with my ex-pat "someday" plans because, I confess, I do not like peanut butter. I know. It's very un-American and provided my grandmother with many pains. The poor woman had to come up with school lunches for me that did not involve peanut butter or ketchup (which I also do not like). I do, however, occasionally enjoy Nutella. And I LOVE a cold glass of low fat or skim milk. I think peanut butter is the only semi-fattening food that I do not enjoy. Pity.