18 May 2008

counting unhatched chickens


I've decided that telling you what I know about my new flat (I still haven't seen it) is not counting my chickens before they're hatched. It's letting you share in my joyous anticipation. My principal says that negotiations seem to be going well. (touch wood) Since I don't know how long it will be until I have a final answer to share, joyous anticipation is all I can give you.

Besides the aforementioned courtyard parking, my new flat has...

...a great number (100!)

...its own door. No one else uses the door that I will use. And, it has its own mailbox. I don't get mail there, but, still. It's mine.

...two stories! My principal said, "Kate, it's like a real home." On the ground level is a kitchen (nice), living room--with gas fireplace, and bathroom--with shower and mini sauna (!!). The fact that it has ground-level living is huge! I've wondered every time I've brought groceries home how I would manage to juggle multiple loads (sometimes you've gotta, no matter how well you load your arms) and a little girl or two. Having little ones will increase my groceries and decrease my available arm space. What do I do? I can't leave them in the car. I can't leave them alone in the flat. I don't really want to make them climb up and down three double flights of stairs (Can you imagine that after shopping and then St. P traffic on the way home?). And now--my own parking spot right outside my flat and a kitchen on the ground floor! How amazing is that?

... two bedrooms upstairs. This is huge. I cannot sleep on the ground level. I don't feel safe. Also upstairs is a bathroom with a tub and another room with a built-in computer desk. Right now that's where the tv is. Sounds like a family room/playroom to me.

...a little strip of grass and two benches outside.

...white walls instead of dark brown and burnt pumpkin. I never thought I'd say YEA to white walls, but, "YEA, white!"

...real hardwood floors instead of laminate.

...the Red Cross across the way. Surely they're good neighbours.

...much quieter living (though, it's likely also darker).

...a security door to the courtyard and my own video security system at my door.

Can you see why I'm very, very excited about this new flat? I'm claiming it as mine. I might even be tempted to stick around a while. Really. This is nearly my perfect house. Of course, I have yet to see it...but I'm just sure it's great!

(I don't know any logistics of the actual move aside from the date. When I moved here, the school took care of everything--packing, shipping, unpacking. The same will apply when I leave. Since this is mid-contract for me, I'm guessing that I'll pack and the two men on the school staff will move me. That's just a guess, though. We'll find out soon.)


MoscowMom said...

Oh my goodness! That flat would cost at least $5,000 per month in Moscow--AT LEAST, perhaps even thousandSSSS more. Wow. You are so lucky!!!!!! You sure deserve it :-)

I hear you about the difficulty of unloading groceries--after very unpleasant shopping/traffic--and juggling little kids. It does stink--but somehow you get used to it and figure it out. From the time Katya was 9 months old, that's what I've had to do and it makes typical suburban US living seem surreal!

p.s. I just got a call from Rachael's friend (shouting out to you, too, Rach!) and I'll be getting your stuff from her next Monday. We can then figure out how to connect :-)

Tami said...

Oh Kate! That sounds heavenly!! I can't imagine how excited you must be. Ooooh...we'll be praying hard that this all comes through for you!

Tina in CT said...

Sounds like a wonderful new place for you. I assume you'll take the bedroom and use the other room for the girl/girls. How nice to have courtyard parking right next to your door and a security system to boot. With the long winters, having a gas fireplace will be a real treat. I'm so happy for you.

Rachael said...

Good things come to those who wait?

It sounds FABulous and like just what you needed (only didn't know it at the time!) Fingers crossed that those chickens hatch without a hitch.

Anonymous said...

holey moley! that sounds AMAZING. I can't wait to see pictures (you are going to post them once you get it, right?)

I sure hope it works out.

Maggie said...

It sounds wonderful!!!

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

It sounds like a GREAT place to become a new mama :)


Anonymous said...

the layout sounds great! Not to mention the parking... does this mean an end to having your car relocated to mystery locations?? :)


Anonymous said...


(Sounds like you're out of your funk, too!)

Deb said...

That sounds amazing! So glad you're being blessed with this upgrade!

Shopping and unloading is hard!

Anonymous said...

The new flat sounds perfect! I will pray that the details are settled and a lease is signed quickly. As for groceries, I bring my kiddo inside and put him in something secure (booster seat) with a snack. Then I get a few minutes to unload the groceries without the fear that he will run back outside or even stand at the door crying for me. But it is all a juggling act.
Love, Nif

Annie said...

It does sound wonderful. Thrilling, even! It would be good in the US - and for Russia it seems amazingly wonderful. My very educated Moscow friends have an apartment that most US college students would scorn to live in, so I know standards are different.

I worry about that courtyard parking, though! If it is like the courtyard in the Moscow apartment we stayed in, it would take a person of steel nerves to negotiate it.

I want to live in Russia SO MUCH! However, I would be giving up driving. Absolutely. No chance I'd drive there. Walking there is enough risk-taking for me.

Jim said...

Kate! Sounds to me like this new apartment is exactly what you need for a family. Hooray!

kim said...

Wow... sounds great. What a blessing for you and the timing is perfect!