22 May 2008

got mail(box)? eta

A friend of mine in Belgium has created a virtual museum of sorts to preserve that most endangered of all species...the mailbox. Alain would love for this to be a global project--representing letterboxes around the world.

That's where you come in, bloggy friends of mine. I know we've got great photographers out there. I've seen the results! Why not snap a picture of your mailbox to share with the world and save for posterity? Just think. One day you can show your grandchildren where we used to get those things they've read about in books called "letters".

When you visit the site above, there's a link to follow to submit your photos. Go check it out. And please--spread the word.

C'mon...I'm going to put mine up there. (It is as plain and grey and blah as anything you've ever seen. But, it does look very soviet to me. The numbers don't even match the flat numbers. They just say 1, 2, 3, and 4.) Donchawanna?

eta: I think the ordinariness, the every-day-ness is exactly what he is looking for in these pictures. This is social history, cultural history in the making. And, remember, that the "standard" image of a silver-grey mailbox with a red flag that we all conjure first when we hear the word mailbox is not what mailboxes look like in other countries.


Anonymous said...

what a totally cool project!!

i would submit mine, but it's seriously the most boring grey thing you ever saw.

Anonymous said...

mine too, is non-interesting, but I am always willing to help an artist...I will have to see what kinds I can get here in Illinois...thanks K8

Annie said...

I bet YOURS is cool! Mine just needs painting. :( We all love getting mail, though. I have to fight the children for it.

Jenni said...

The standard image of a mailbox is certainly not what mine looks like! I'll see if I can get a good photo to submit.

Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

You need to erase the last post. At least I hope that isn't a friend of yours - maybe your merchant seaman, getting in touch. I just looked at the gallery - where is YOURS?

Deb said...

Cool project. I'll try to get mine sent in.