31 May 2008


I take it back. Last night was a miserable night. (It's 6:13 on a Saturday and I'm out of bed.) I didn't sleep because I couldn't breathe.

So, tonight it's the last of the Nyq*il along with some Adv*l and maybe some Vicks nasal spray (I know--only three days of it) if things are bad for me. I'm bagging the rest. Well, except the antibiotic. Once started that's got to be finished.

Tea and toast with honey are calling (and the fact that I need to go to the store for juice and tissues is nagging). Sure glad it's Saturday. eta: friend brought over both tissue and juice

(Why is it we all want to talk about how sick we are when we're sick? Tedious. Uninteresting. Will move on immediately.)

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Lauri said...

feel better....