16 January 2009

WHY did no one tell me

Patti LuPone was in Gypsy last year?

I'd have come home for that one.

When I asked what was on I got answers like...

them: Nothing.
them:You know--that one. Like Oklahoma.
me:Carousel?(I sing "June is Busting Out All Over") State Fair? (I sing "It's a Grand Night for Singing) South Pacific (I sing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair")?
them: Yeah. Carousel! (note-It was South Pacific)
them: Nothing. There hasn't been anything good on in years.

Patti LuPone in Gypsy is not nothing. Patti LuPone in anything is good. Gypsy is good! I'd have flown back for that.

I guess I'd better do my own research from here on out. Sheesh, people. Help a girl out! ;>


Jessica said...


I saw her in it. I was really looking forward to it and was a bit disappointed. A good show, but not fantastic -- do don't beat yourself up for missing it.

Anonymous said...

note to self...know Kate's every wish desire and love...check

The Expatresse said...

I saw her sing Evita in NYC in 1982, I think. I want to BE her when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

Kate-Mark Epperson is living in NYC and auditioning for everything possible. He would be a good source for Broadway shows. Want his email? He's on Facebook.
Love, Nif