29 January 2009

paperwork in bag

Just for the record, my paperwork was in a cardboardy container (that I had the school office staff scurrying around to find--though what I got wasn't what I meant) inside a canvas tote bag. I wanted something large enough and strong enough to hide that bottle of wine! (As previously commented, it was a SOUTH AFRICAN wine called Long Mountain--nice label and not cheap. It seems to me that more people like red wine than white, so I called a friend from the wine aisle at the French supermarket and she said to get a Cabernet Sauvignon. IT seems like, generally, older is better so I got a 2003. How'd I do?)

The benefit of using plastic shopping bags is
1. They don't get slushed. They're waterproof and mudproof.
2. When they've had it, you just toss them.
3. You blend in just a little bit. Well, maybe it's better to say that it's one less thing that shouts FOREIGNER about you.

It is a strange thing, though. I remember visiting my friend Dawn in Ukraine who asked if I wanted her to carry the plastic bag around. ;>

Now, we hoard the "good" bags. We ooo and ahh over the strangest things.

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Suz said...

Thanks for the "in the bag" lesson. I've just always wondered about that :O)