19 February 2009

do the math

Okay, people. Math time.

I will be 40 this year. FORTY!

I would very much like d2b to be home by then.

That gives us seven months.

Let's keep in mind that my agency thought a referral could take eight months. Then, I'd figure another two or three months for court and the trip to the US and back.

8 + 2 or 3 > 7.

That's more than seven months until we're home. I don't like math.

Things need to get moving. Having the MOE see my dossier would be a good start. S didn't go on Tuesday. Maybe tomorrow?

[Ironically, when I first started making inquiries about adoption I was told I was too young to think about adopting yet. "Choice moms" (though that phrase had yet to be coined) were closer to 40 than 30. I had plenty of time. HA!]

In the meantime, read the post below and celebrate Maslenitsa next week. Happy Spring!


Annie said...

I never heard that phrase "Choice Mom"....well, I'm a choice mom much older than you, so don't worry about it. "All things work for the best for those who love God"

InventingLiz said...

I don't like this kind of math either, I will most likely be 42 by the time I get home with my child later this year (I'm hoping it's later this year, and not next year!).

Tanya said...

I hope things speed up for you, oh and I hate math too.

Heidi said...

Oh to be 39... so young! You've got plenty of youth in you!
I'm a "choice mom" +4. Math sucks.

votemom said...

wait - what is the "trip back to the US" part?

J. said...

Well if anyone ever told me I'd be 50 when I adopted my youngest child, I would have asked them what they were drinking, then ordered myself a double!

I can say agencies often overestimate times so as not to disappoint when the date they gave comes and goes, so...it is always possible!

kate said...

vote, to get that blue passport and US citizenship we have to fly to the US and clear immigration (just like everybody else). until you clear immigration, you're not a citizen.

i don't want to be here with d2b without us all having blue US passports.

"Choice moms" (media term--not mine) are single mothers by choice (purposely setting out to adopt or undergo fertility treatments) as opposed to circumstance (divorce, unexpected pregnancy, etc.).

Unknown said...

Akkk, I will be 40 this year too. I know what you mean, I want to me a mom BEFORE my 40th!

I just know it will start happening super fast for you now. Probably so fast, you won't have time to plan for it!

Heidi said...

It's early to ask... but where will you come to in the USA?

junglemama said...

I sure hope this is your year! Don't think about Math--- it was such a boring subject in school anyways!

kate said...

Heidi I'd love to be teaching at my last school in Tennessee again. But, it looks like South Carolina and New Hampshire are more appealing from a governmental standpoint.

I may just wait out these next four years and then decide. I'd guess that I'm here for at least 2 1/2 more...

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

OOH putting in my vote for NH - then you will be closer to me!!!

Still praying and sending good vibes your way!

Barb said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I've been following yours for months now. I really hope you get some good news soon. btw, thanks for introducing me to channel 131 . . . I got to watch some episodes of Top Model I missed:)