10 February 2009


Anybody kindle? I am torn. I love books--the feel, the smell, the weight. I like paperbacks, not hardbacks. I like to read in the tub and in bed. So, I'm not convinced kindle if for me.

But, I live in Russia. And this would let me get lots more books way fast.

BUT, I don't know anyone who actually has one. Odd, isn't it? They're always sold out and yet NO
ONE has one.

I need personal experiences! Please?


Anonymous said...

don't have one, but if I lived in Russia and had time to read, I would absolutely try one!

by the way, i tagged you:

you're welcome. :-)

Tina in CT said...

I have a scrapbooking friend whose husband has one and he loves it.

I for one would not like it as I also love to read in bed.

Living in Russia puts a different slant on it though. I can go to my local library or bookstore for a book but you can't so the Kindle would be very convenient.

Carolynn and Steve said...

I have one. I got it for Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday from my husband.
I have to be honest. There are things I really like about it and things that are kinda hard to get used to. The ease of being able to access the books is very nice--and being able to read a sample of the book for free before you buy it is also nice. I like the portability, flexibility, and all the other pluses. I like that I can carry a huge bunch of books with me in that one little device. With an SD card I can carry even more. Where you are, with such limited access to English books, I would think it would be a godsend.

But like you, I love the weight, feel, smell, etc of REAL books. There are also some problems with the editing on some of the kindle books--a couple of them I have run into (not bestsellers, but random books) have had some serious editing problems. Hopefully this will get better. The other problem is that not everything is available--but it is getting better.

Just a couple of things to consider. They just released a new version of the devise this week. You may want to wait to see how the upgrade rates with other buyers.
The other thing that would concern me is the availability of access in Russia. If you can get into the Amazon site you shouldn't have a problem, since you can download the files over the internet. But I'm not so sure how the whispernet would be accessible there.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

w that have it love it...I think you should get it.

Melissa said...

what the heck is kindle

Lisa said...

I don't use kindle, but I do use audio books on my iPhone. I download them from audible.com. Not my preferred method of "reading", but works when I can't carry a book. I also love that when I unexpectedly have downtime, I ALWAYS have my iPhone with me so I ALWAYS have something to "read". :-)

Andrea said...

I've heard good things about it (there's a literary agent whose blog I read who would probably marry hers, if she could) and given that at some point you are probably going to want to come BACK from Russia, it would be much easier to transport an SD card of books rather than boxes thereof.

I'm with you in full-blown bibliophilia mode-- the smell, the feel, the sensation of holding a book (to say nothing of curling up with one in the tub or in bed or anywhere) is irreplacable. I could never give that up for good. A Kindle could never REPLACE my books, but I think if I travelled a lot, or were to, say, move to a foreign country to stay for a year or two, it would be an investment I'd want to make.

kim said...

I did a post about the Kindle as well and got a couple of good comments about it from actual users...

Hope it helps.

Jim said...

Just a note about the Whispernet feature on the Kindle. It will not work in Russia. It's based on an American-standard cell phone technology that does not exist in Russia. But, Kate could still download books via her computer and transfer them to the Kindle through the USB connection.

I don't have a Kindle, but I do have a Sony e-Reader, which is similar. The e-ink display (which is the same technology on both) is quite eye-pleasing, actually. But it is not the same as a real book. Still, given the choice to carry hundreds of books in a single small device vs. boxes of real books, I would choose the device. You can't use it in the bath, but you can use it in bed.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading some negative reviews when the Kindle first came out, but haven't kept up, so that could have changed. I was looking at the Sony at Target a couple of weeks ago, and was intrigued with it. The display is very easy to read and eye-pleasing. You can also use it as an MP3 player, and a couple of other functions (I forget what). It won't replace real books for a book lover (and who but a book lover would be interested in carrying around many books at the same time?), but if I were planning to stay in my travel-intense job for much longer, might apend the money.

I'd check reviews on the Kindle, Sony, and anything else that's available. It probably does make a lot of sense for you, but it's possible something other than the Kindle would be best.

junglemama said...

Until this post, I had never heard of Kindle. So I googled it. How cool-- an electronic book! Haven't done it, but it sounds really neat!

Unknown said...

I have several friends who have one, and they all LOVE it. Will it download in Russia? Not sure how the books are downloaded (cell phone line or internet connection - I don't know). If I liked to read (or if I got new contacts so my eyeballs could handle reading) I would get it...I think you can get magazines and newspapers too.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of a new ipod touch. They are great and you can get books from itunes for cheap...just a thought. Of course reading in the bath maybe a problem. But you can rent movies, books, games. I really like it!

MoscowMom said...

I pre-ordered the Kindle 2 for my husband yesterday! We had been waiting for this newer version, so they would have a chance to "iron out" any kinks in the original model.

Sure, there will be negatives to it when compared to holding a real book - but given new baggage allowances and the absolute impossibility of being able to just wander into a bookstore or library and find unlimited English books, we're darn thrilled about giving it a whirl.

Once we get it, I'll let you know what we think!

Jenni said...

My friend at work had Kindle, and she LOVES it. She carries it with her everywhere and is on a mission to convert me. I'm skeptical though, because I really enjoy the feel and smell of a good book. I like cracking them open and turning the pages. That being said though, I think the Kindle would be MUCH more convenient for you in Russia. If you get one, be sure to post a review.

Elizabeth said...

Funny, I was Googling "Kindle in Russia" and it led me to your blog. Did you end up getting one? I think I am going to go for it.