17 February 2009

heads up eta

There is a long list of homestudy agencies who are delinquent in their ppr's whose documentation is no longer accepted by the Russian government. (Completely understandably.)

If your homestudy agency is on that list (check FRUA chat->Russia->Has anybody heard this? ) then I'd start looking for another hs agency. eta: AND if the agency doing your ppr's is on the list, you'll likely need to look for someone else to do them.

Please do them. Post-placement reports (aka your chance to show how fantastic your child is) are so important!

Thankfully, my hs agencies are not on that list. See--there are benefits to my strange hs situation.

No news yet about today's visit--if it happened or what was said. I'll share when I hear.


Deb said...

That's a HUGE list. Wow! Doesn't effect me but I'm glad to see our agency is not on that list.

Rachael said...

Yikes! My home study agency WAS on the list. (Not our IA agency though -- just the home study one.) I guess it doesn't matter much now, but we do still have 2 pp reports left!

I haven't been on FRUA in ages! I'll have to go poke around. Thanks for the reminder.